The views expressed on this blog are my opinions. Even though I have a degree in dietetics and nutrition and access to information that doctors and pharmacists use regularly, my opinions on supplementation are my opinions which do not and should not replace clinical advice from your physician. You should always contact your doctor prior to starting supplementation, starting a different diet, or changing your prescription medication.

My opinions do not reflect the view of the U.S. government. The U.S. government does not support or endorse by views. None of my statements should be construed as such.

Furthermore, my opinions do not reflect Zurvita, Zeal, or any other entity tied to the selling of this product. Their names are used explicity in a refferential manner and in no way am I associated with either the parent comany or their subsidiaries. All logos, videos, references, and other assoicated materials are either copyrighted by the parent company, or were referenced from a third party and were reasonably believed to be used with permission of the parent company.

No attempt has been made to libel or slander the parent company. None of my statements should be construed as such.

8 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. So what do you say to the many doctors and scientists that developed this product and approve it for kids AND pregnant women. Do you have any statistical data taken from people who actually use Zeal to back up your claims? How about me and my family volunteer to let you come and monitor us for 90 days and see if you can prove any one of your claims. If you truly are a “dietician”, then you know that statistical data is the single most important factor needed in backing up medical claims. Zeal has this statistical data and readily makes it available to anyone. You just have a blog full of unfounded opinions and scare tactics. So here’s my offer to you: Come live with us for 90 days and then go to your blog and actually report facts. I’ll provide you with a warm bed, 3 square meals and snacks, and pay for all your entertainment. Deal?

  2. I actually stubbled on to this silly blog looking for some information on Zeal for pets. I read a bit and had to comment because you do a disservice to the public with this bad information. Case in point me. I was put on a very strict diet by a registered dietician and nutritionist. This was mandatory through a non-voluntary government program. I was monitored daily. In 5 months I became diabetic, with severe hypertension and severe anemia, constipation and hemorrhoids. I also gained 100 lbs in that short time. In trying to regain my health from the damage done by a dietician like you, A MEDICAL DOCTOR put me on Zeal for 90 days. The proper nutrition I got from Zeal cured my diabetes and hypertension along with liver damage that was said to be impossible to reverse. I thank the creator of the products and Dr. Van Lue for literally saving my life. As for a dietician like you, with a sad and heavy heart I must say I expect you to be very sick or dead by the age of 58. By the way I don’t make any money from Zeal, but I spend oodles of money buying it for everyone I can help and I have seen literal miracles.

    • You do know that the SAD (standard american diet) that is peddled by most rd’s and certified by the American academy of nutrition and dietetics (sponsored by the fine folks that make, coke, pepsi, and doritos) doesn’t work for the majority of the population, right? By the way, my information is great, where is yours? Oh, wait, you didn’t provide any. And don’t be silly and give this to your pets, give them raw meat.

  3. Well… seems to me this blog was just created to accumulate all negative information on this subject. I am saying that because your tone with all of your post are extremely condescending. There are black and white sides to everything bud. Yeah, there are people who are not benefiting but there are also thousands of people who are getting wonderful results; everyone is different… if you look for all the negative that is all you will find. Nice insights though. I was able to see another point of view on this product; but I will continue to use it and sell it because it is an extremely helpful product for most. I don’t know why anyone would take it 3 times a day, that’s just excessive no wonder those people are getting sick.

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