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  1. Hello! My husband and I really enjoyed your article. We have a friend who is currently trying to sell zeal to us. We do trust him, however, we both feel that it is important to research everything (especially concerning my health). We also do not prefer to buy items related to pyramid sales method.
    I will be consulting with two of my doctors before any decisions. However, I wanted to ask your advice concerning the comparable powders to zeal’s wellness drink.
    First, I do not have my colon since 2001 due to severe ulcerative colitis (but have a J-pouch…made using my intestinal tract instead). Absorption is not consistent for me, unless it’s absorption of fat! ☺️
    I know what I need to do to lose weight! I have done it before! I do currently need a jump start! The energy is crucial! I have sleep apnea, daytime hyper-somnolence, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, had partial hysterectomy in February with removal of severe scar tissue, currently in physical therapy for lower back pain and hip pain (which started since my recovery from February’s surgery). I have minor depression and anxiety. I did great on physician plan and weight watchers. The important thing is that I eat correct for life, not continue dieting!!!
    Eating throughout day (6 small meals), a lot of water, protein with each meal/snack, sugar no higher than 25mg, carbs, fats & fiber @ appropriate levels, etc… I feel that a wellness type drink would serve me well to get going again and ensure I cover all my bases concerning vitamins, nutritional value, & probiotics! I could potentially cut out 3 vitamins, 2 probiotics, blood pressure meds, etc…(one day)! With my doctors guidance of course.
    I guess all this is to say that I’d like to know your recommendation for another wellness drink. I used Oh Yeah! Protein powder while in Physician’s plan and love it! But the wellness aspect is what I’m more concerned with at this time to get started!
    Obviously, like most people, simplifying this due to a busy schedule would be preferred over continually buying kale, spinach, quinoa, etc….
    Although I do enjoy those foods/green smoothies and such, and will consume those at supper time (we make turkey cutlets, sausage, chicken, fish), i would prefer easier plan for breakfast, lunch and snacks!
    Zeal claims to assist with the above ailments I suffer from. So I need something comparable. Any advice?
    Best regards, Sue

    • Will zeal help with the ailments? Probably indirectly a little. But, there is a less expensive alternative. Swanson Green Vibrance has passed the rigors of consumer labs testing, doesn’t have odd/unsafe herbals, no proprietary blend (they state exactly what is in it), has more pro/prebiotics, and should just be plain better. Not to mention it is far less expensive, and you don’t have to buy it through a shady sales system. 2 months for $70, as opposed to zeals 1 month for $100. The only thing you aren’t getting is the caffeine, but you can get that anywhere for less money these days. That is all that really sets zeal apart from anything else really. Zeal isn’t going to get you off your blood pressure meds. St. Johns wort actually seems effective for depression. There is really nothing terribly anti-inflamitory about zeal, that comes from your diet. Check my omega fats post for info on that. Bottom line is, if you want to agressively manage symptoms with natural supplements, you can, but it needs to be under the supervision of a doctor, and often times, the doses required are much higher than the doses in any of these drinks.

  2. Yes…too good to be true, I suppose! I’d prefer to not take several different supplements! One, it’s costly! Second, I really don’t expect said supplements to heal any medical issues I mentioned! However, I’d hoped that there may be a good powdered supplement drink to address basic issues regarding metabolism & energy! This could give me kickstart to starting to eat healthier (the way I did on Physician’s plan), which really wasn’t difficult! It’s the startup I’m interested in, because when you suffer from chronic pain, low immune system (since I don’t have my colon), fatigue from recent surgery & chronic sleep disorders, it’s quite difficult to get healthy lifestyle started! Reality is that eating well and losing weight, I believe, will help a lot of the other ailments!
    Like I mentioned previously, I wanted to start green smoothies (not for full meal replacement….I’m a huge advocate for eating normal everyday foods that I will do for life….that’s why I prefer to not call it “dieting”)! I would use these as “supplements” as snacks, etc….knowing that I am benefitting from the nutrients in items such as kale, spinach, flax, oats, fruit, proteins, etc…
    However, this can become quite costly and also difficult to continue making regularly with a busy schedule!
    So my next question is, will the Swanson green vibrancy help with that kickstart? Thx for responding! Please post without my full name on website! I really appreciate it! You are very helpful!

  3. We were just recently approached by someone regarding this product. Being cautious I went to google and found your blog. So relieved to have access to this information. What I don’t understand is, why this type of product is allowed as an “over the counter” (if you will) supplement. I thought, by law, all ingredients had to be provided on the packaging. If someone hasn’t died from this stuff, certainly it is on the horizon. Anyway, thanks for your efforts to educate and I will be telling this person….thanks but no thanks.

    • The supplement industry is very, very loosely regulated. Plus, many of these herbal supplements end up tainted with lead or mercury since they come from China. Glad I could help!

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