The Truth About Zeal: Ingredients, Effectiveness, Reviews, Side Effects, Myths, and Weight Loss. What am I all about?

It is no secret that the supplement industry is an extremely lucrative and mysterious business. There are a large amount of people who don’t even know what a dietary supplement actually is. Dietary supplements are not monitored like food and drugs. However, it is important to understand they are still regulated to an extent. It seems to be a common misconception that there is no regulation. In 1994 the DSHEA was signed by President Bill Clinton. It basically puts them under the food umbrella, and leaves the safety research and effectiveness rating for the manufacturer. Furthermore, they are not allowed to claim that a supplement can treat or cure any diseases. Companies claiming to do such are subject to complaints to the FTC and FDA. For more information about how a dietary supplement is defined, visit the FDA website:

Of course, you are going to want to know about me. I work for a government healthcare agency. Just know that my views are not that of the US government. There, now you can’t say Uncle Sam made you read this. I have a degree in dietetics and nutrition, I am a DTR (Diet Technician Registered) and have also been graced by being able to work for a great guy with a PHd in naturology. I have access to a ton of evidence based resources, including the ADA nutrition care manual, and the Natural Database. If you are interested in the effects of natural supplements, dropping the money on a subscription to the latter would be a great move.

Now on to what I am making this whole blog about, Zeal. Zeal is a line of nutrition supplements sold by Zurvita inc. This is their company website: They claim to be a Christian company, and I have no doubt that they are. They are a multi level marketing company (Pyramid seller). I have found that this allows them to fly below the FTC radar, and make outlandish claims about the effectiveness of their supplement without having to advertise it. Actually, compare the two:

From Wikipedia

From the Zurvita Inc. site

Why did I pick zeal to target in this particular blog?

This stuff has taken my church by storm. It is alarming that people are using this as a prescription substitute and they guy who started it in our church doesn’t seem to show up anymore, and sees no problem with this being used as a replacement. Lesson 1 about supplements: DO NOT STOP TAKING YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS UNLESS INSTRUCTED BY A DOCTOR. Furthermore, supplements and food can interact severely with prescription medications. This company seems to be similar to AVOcare and Herbalife. Where are those guys at now? Frankly, I have dealt with their “consultants” both online and in person, and they appear to be doing nothing but lying and making false claims constantly. They don’t appear to have researched it as well. Why you would not research a product you sell is beyond me. Most certainly, the lies started somewhere. Maybe a greedy person in the supply chain? Oh, wait, I found this nugget on their site (this is a youtube version reposted by someone else, but it is their official video none the less.)

I have not dealt directly with their corporate office, however while they seem to be on the tip of the misleading spear. In fairness, you can find buried in their site advice about asking your doctor first. Whenever I have asked about the potential dangers of certain ingredients on their sites, with supporting documentation, my comment is immediately deleted. It is almost if they are trying to hide something.

The Science:

I don’t know what scientific studies they have been reading, but there is one place that has tons of scientific studies, it is pubmed. They have studies which are good, bad and ugly. It is fantastic actually. However, I know most of us can’t evaluate the validity of scientific studies. Here is the quick and dirty: Not sponsored by a manufacturer, large number of people (n=>100 if possible), and a large amount of listed controlled factors. In dietary supplements, we would be looking for controlled exercise and caloric intake. Think about it. If it works in 3 people, is it going to work in everyone? I am sure the studies that musclepharm (which from what I have seen everything they make is garbage) are legit, right? I am sure that going to the gym twice a day and consuming huge amounts of calories has nothing to do with it, right?

My goal of this blog is to pair actual, scientific studies with the claims made by zeal, the corporation. I will for not ignore the fact that just about everyone of their consultants has claimed it can cure arthritis, diabetes, and every other ailment in existence. I plan to show what works in this supplement, what is dangerous, and for who, and why you shouldn’t take supplements without first consulting your physician. At the end of the day, supplements are a fantastic way to fix nutritional deficiencies and supplementing (not replacing) prescription drugs. Thanks, and I hope you all enjoy my blog and learn a thing or two about supplements along the way.

Now that this blog has grown, and my hits on this page have gone up quite a bit, I will make a little directory here for you to get to where you want to go easily.

Zeal Wellness Drink:

Zeal Burn:

Zeal Cleanse:

Zeal Protein Shake:

Overall Rating of Zeal For Life

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233 thoughts on “The Truth About Zeal: Ingredients, Effectiveness, Reviews, Side Effects, Myths, and Weight Loss. What am I all about?

  1. I have someone on my fb who sells Zeal and it was recommended to me as I’m constantly getting colds and have bad allergies this year. Well I am steering clear from caffeine, so I ask the rep on my fb if it has caffeine, and she says it’s “natural caffeine.” She was going to get me a “Dr. Report” but has since forgot. So I emailed Zurvita on facebook and I will quote their response below.
    My email: What’s the caffeine content?
    Zurvita response: Hello(removed my name)! good day to you, as per your question the caffeine content it’s equivalent to 1 cup of premium coffee in our Guarana version.
    My response:so you don’t have the *actual* caffeine content? As in how many mg’s are in one of your drinks?
    Zurvita response: Hello (removed my name), Unfortunately we are not able to provide you with the exact content in mg’s. The reason why is because we have to protect our formula. The Content it’s equivalent to 1 cup of premium coffee in our Guarana version. Thank you for your Patience.
    Okay so that’s our conversation…I refuse to put anything in my body if I don’t know what’s in it. I’m a consumer, I have a right to know what’s going in my body…so I will not lie I did send them a smart a** reply. I think all these pyramid companies are ridiculous. …and fb is just as ridiculous. I’m always bombarded with people trying to sell’s just completely annoying!

    • I LOVE IT. It probably has tons of caffeine. This is exactly what I am talking about. Besides, what is a “cup” of coffe to them anyways. What kind of “coffee”? Triple caf? Decaf? Regular? A cup of coffee grounds? Who knows!

      • it does not contain Caffeine…..its Guaranine that comes from Guarana and it helps the other vitamins and plants run through your blood stream in 20 minutes…..and the effect it can cause is like drinking a regular cup of coffee.

    • Zeal is available with caffeine or without – same price. The caffeine is from the guarana plant from South America and because it is less water soluable than the caffeine from coffee it is released slower into your blood stream. You do not have to be a seller of Zeal in order to benefit from one of the more complete vitamin formulas available today. I have been taking Zeal everyday for 3 years and I have not been sick once so I feel it is a worthwhile supplement.

    • I have taken Zeal Wellness for three and a half years. The guarana is a natural caffeine that is basically timed-release. I have sustained energy with no jitters throughout the day and into the late evening. If someone experiences some Jitters it’s usually from the niacin and the tons of B vitamins that are in it. So basically since it is in powder form all you have to do is cut back the amount to see what works for you. My whole family from my youngest grandson to my 91 and a half year old mother take Wellness daily and will not go without it. Allergies are 95% gone, sugar cravings have disappeared, and so many more health benefits to mention for us. Our doctors are asking us what we’re doing since our blood work has greatly improved. Of course everyone will see those but for us it did the trick.

  2. Thanks for info.
    I was trying to find out what’s in it and saw your blog.
    A friend of mine told me the ZEAL and I’ve purchased 8 bottles of it so I could tried for myself and a first bottle I tried I almost throw up.
    I thought maybe I did wrong so I asked her and tried second one and
    same thing…And of course I spoked to her about it and third one I tried half ot it and didn’t help either. So I thought something in that ZEAL don’t like me.
    And decide to not take it.
    God bless for people who got help but I didn’t.
    I read all of the comments and it was very interesting….^^

    • At the presentation I tasted all the Zeal flavors and shakes. It was nice but, when I got home and started my first Zeal the next morning it was horrible. Not the same thing they taste test with us at the party events..

  3. “Humans have lived without that odd concoction of herbs for many millenia. Why do we now all the sudden need it?”

    Ignorance is not blessing. It’s like someone may think that cows eat grass and chicken run after worms… And that is how food industry is built to feed 360 million population. Right? Someone really think this way? Look around, where do you see nutrients these days. Everything is industrialized. Include food industry. Genetically modified, pesticided, infesticited, grow on depleted soils that lost their nutrient source decades ago.

    Nutrients is what our body need, nutrients supplies with food. When there are no nutrients in food, trouble come. Trouble in forms of obesity, diabetics, cancer, etc. It’s an amazing field for doctors – they studied how to repair. They don’t know how to maintain. To maintain your health is in your hands. Doctors will loose their jobs if they teach you how to be healthy.

  4. My sister and her daughters are raving about zeal and how much energy it is giving them. My cousin has send me a package of it to try. I just drank my first glass. My cousin who sent it doesn’t find it is doing anything for her though. I will let you know if I suddenly start bouncing off the walls and doing spontaneous Irish jigs. I am very suspicious of the claims but then I don’t trust doctors anyway. Very glad I found your site.

  5. I heard so many good things from friends who were taking zeal that I was so excited to try it. Unfortunately for me this product caused my calcium levels to dip so low I suffered a seizure. I have never had a seizure before and when comparing my labs results from 10 days before starting zeal, the day of the seizure and 4 days post seizure (I had stopped taking the product the day I had my seizure) the only results showing low calcium was while I was taking this product. I had no diet changes etc. that could be considered as to have contributed to my decreased calcium. I am not knocking this product as I have heard so many people who have had positive results from this supplement unfortunately it had a bad out come for me as is the case with any medication, even those approved by the FDA.


  7. I love my Zeal. I’m not on the business side of it but I love the product. Yes, it does give you energy, more so than caffeine. I am pre-diabetic with a family history of high blood pressure. I took Zeal to my dietitian and he loved it. I’ve never felt better and I’m now able to keep up with my 4 young children.

  8. I have been drinking zeal on and off for approximately a year. I did not drink it during my pregnancy or while breast feeding. I did not feel like risking my babies well being on a supplement that I didn’t know anything about. Before the pregnancy it seemed to be the best thing ever, but I also drank heavily and ate poorly. After I was done with breast feeding I decided to start drinking zeal again. I don’t drink very much alcohol anymore and I eat better. I now have side effects to the drink. I get muscle spasms and tightness in my joints. I wasn’t sure if it was because of my body changing from pregnancy or the zeal. I have been experimenting with 3-4 days on and 1-2 days off. Day 3 and 4 is when the muscle tightness begins and eventually leads to the spasms in my feet, calves, shins, shoulders and arms. Pretty much my whole body feels different. With that being said my question… Could that all be caused by an overload of certain vitamins and supplements in my body or am I just getting old?

  9. Pub med is used by those on the quack side of medicine, meaning doctors and all who worship doctors. Someone who actually does know anything about nutrition as you claim to know, would know quoting pub med is a big joke.

  10. You might want to look up the LEGAL definition of a pyramid scheme. It’s a company that has no products for sale. You admitted yourself that Zurvita sells products, and yet you still made the outlandish claim it was a pyramid scheme.

    • That is not the definition of a pyramid scheme. In order for a pyramid scheme to work you have to sell products and those below you as well. I know first hand because I was involved in one and still believed it was okay then finally left the company.

  11. Have you actually tried this product? Here are the benefits my family and I have realized in just a month and a half: my husband suffers from allergies and sinus headaches on a daily basis…since we started taking zeal his symptoms have greatly diminished. He works in construction and daily suffered minor aches and pains…not any longer! My mother (in her 70s) has arthritis, after a week on zeal she has less pain and swelling and more energy and is back to working in her garden; my teenager no longer comes home from school and flops on the couch, she has energy and keeps on going…at night she sleeps much better. I have two metabolic disorders which made losing weight extremely difficult…since zeal ( i use the weight loss program) i have lost 19 pounds following my normal diet. The cleanse does not make me go more often but instead has regulated me and so far I have not had any further issues with my IBS. My PMS symptoms have diminished. My entire family is experiencing a feeling of overall wellness and well being. This product is the real deal…so maybe you should try it for yourself and experience the positive effects of this product instead of assuming its a scam product, etc.

  12. I was given Zeal by a friend to check it out. I usually get very tired after I have lunch and around 1pm, I’m drained. So as a test I took Zeal and it was great. I did not fall asleep or my afternoon nap. I took Zeal at 12:30pm and I was up all afternoon/night and went to bed 4am.

    I then did no take it for 2-3 days, as i wanted to see if it changes anything. Back to my normal routine, standard tired, after every time I eat and went to bed../nap.

    So I grabbed another bottle and tried it. Same effect…..

    I am taking 2 days break no zeal and going to try again. if so, I’ll order this product and do 30 days of it to see if I have constant energy.

    I usually WFH, and stare at computer 12 hours per day so I get drained all the time. but the 2 time I took this, i had a difference experience….so I have to give it another shot… at least try it for 5 days straight and see if i see something different

  13. Yesterday I was introduce to zeal for life by my sister and my brother in law whom claim that they feel almost immediate results and I’m talking 24 hrs results, I have a lot of doubts about it’s effectiveness and I do not want to waste my money on a product that i will throw away. thank you and I will be waiting for your response.

  14. My aunt introduced me to rice bran. She said that centuries it was used in India as a primer wellness food. I don’t want to waste money for these unconfirmed stories.

  15. I tried Zeal and at first was totally for it, even had my special needs kids on it because of what it boasted it could do for them, then even though YES i had SO much more energy and was awake I also started becoming very jittery. I couildn’t even write neatly my hands were shaking. I asked one of the guys i worked with and who lived by the stuff it he had the same issues. He told me if I don’t eat properly it will do that so I started wondering why? when i checked out the ingredients its as though I’m drinking a red bull!! and I even put my kids on this stuff!! and one already has a heart issue!!! needless to say I got off it quick. just because the ingredients don’t SAY caffeine doesn’t mean its not in there and just under a different name. I am very leery of these things these days because of this, and FYI, i also tried herba life and again I no longer. natural stuff is great and I am totally for homeopathic medicine but beware of the scams. We live in a fallen world, there is no CURE all for everything out there.

    • Love the way people say this has no caffeine. They mislead you huh? I love natural medicine, and I think it is sadly missing from our society, however, I think you’re right that this isn’t the answer.

    • Then love it and feel your pain till your doctor will give you more prescriptions.Thats what you think ,go ahead and look after your sicknesses.tired of reading and listening of all this negative people on earth.You know what’s the reason why you guys keeps on whining for nothing?your cheap as HELL but you guys eat a lot of junk foods and your blaming somebody who shared you with these amazing product.If you don’t like it then shut your mouth coz I know you want it for FREE! That’s all!!CHEAP as HELL

    • Have you tried the Guarana free, which is natural caffeine… I know people who have issues with caffeine taking the Guarana free and have no jitters. I’m healthy and on no medications, but do have signs of arthritis, I don’t take prescription meds, so deal with the pain but taking zeal took away my stiffness and pain, also going through menopause which has helped me with the symptoms. Since I’ve been taking zeal, which is about 7 most, I haven’t been sick… I use zeal as my vitamins, just have to take vitamin D, which zeal does not have. Everyone’s body is different, I don’t do the business part of it, but truly believe in the product. Just give the Guarana free a try before you knock it down.

  16. Zeal offer wellness drink with guaranin and without. Based on your post I believe you have no clue what you’re talking about. Guaranin actually have 3 times more powerful than coffee so to speak. It is not as water soludable as coffee and slowly releases thrtoughout the day. But once again, there is huge label on each bottle “Guarana free”. Same price. Your choice. Cheers.

  17. I would just like to point out that this is not about the drink or a supplement and we shouldn’t even be discussing the benefits of zeal. A good friend of mine started with them before they had zeal. They were a typical pyramid scam company (or MLM as they say to sound important) and were selling anything from home warranties to cell phone plans. And all of a sudden they switch to this “supplement” business. My point is that a company like that will bottle water from a faucet, slap a label on it that says – “incredible water,” and will proceed with the same business model whether it’s zeal, home warranty or a cell phone plan. Don’t concentrate on the supplement part, concentrate on the business model and its deception. They don’t care if you are a buyer of a product and whether you feel better by taking it. They will tell you that you can buy it cheaper if you are a distributor so that you can sign up and pretend to be a direct marketer to your friends and family and the rest of the world. But you can make profits by having others be a distributor, under you. As your picture in the blog shows, the guy on top reaps the reward. The more awesome you can make the product look, the better the chances people will buy into it. Now, if MLM or direct marketing is the way of the future, why do we have real business models. They must not work as good as MLM. In MLM/Network Marketing/Pyramid scam – if everyone becomes a seller/marketer/distributor then eventually who is the buyer? As such, if you’re the one who is on top of the pyramid you can care less.

      • You definitely go back to kindergarten ,no wonder….doesn’t know what’s the diff. Between MLM & Phyramid.I don’t know either you been to work and recognize if you have a manager or director.Knows nothing at all but whining…sad ….I wish I was born in your country I should have a better understanding in English.

    • Not everyone is positive though.zurvita are looking for somebody that could change their lives physically and financially.i tried this amazing product a year ago due to my health issue,back pain , migraine,gout arthritis you named it.After a month of taking it I don’t have those issues anymore although the company is not claiming that this is not to cure what ever issues I may have but kids are taking it and I was surprised with the results in their school.A Month after of sharing it to my friends I receive $US 1,430. five days after I receive another $US 500.Now I receive $US 800 a week.Can you imagine if I followed those negative people around me, I would be the same as them who are broke and keep on whining but taking a lot of medication.A friend of mine was taking 7 prescriptions a day ,after taking zeal wellness for two months she’s now taking 1 medication and she was Very excited to go to her doctor about the result but to her surprised her Dr.told her not to take it coz she might gonna die oneday.Well everybody is going to die its either in peace or in pain.Well,To make the story short she left her very upset and found another clinic on the same plaza where her ask one midecal doctor in that clinic and ask the same question about the zeal wellness.She was very surprised with what she heard on that doctor coz you what she said to her?whatever we need in our body Is all in this one bottle.So think about it people!!! people who keeps whining are those people who doesn’t want to spend nutrients on thier body.Bottom line why we get sick?malnutrition diffieciency.That how simple it is.We work hard for our retirement but I’m sure that money that we save is not enough to buy midecines we get old.Wake up your mind people of GOD!!!

  18. I say get a life. If you are going to bash Zurvita then let’s hear about others. There are hundreds of MLM companies out there and many of them claim health and wellness. I’m curious as to why you pick on Zurvita??? It’s almost like your trying to get back at someone. Do you not have anything else to do with your life? Kinda pathetic.
    To anyone reading all the negative on this blog, I say form your own opinion. There are literally thousands of consultants and customers on this Zeal product. Don’t listen to the minority whiners. Go out and try it for yourself. Just like any other product out there, it’s not for everyone.

      • This Zeal stuff is BS. They show you a 30 minutes movie and they only talks about the product for 5-10 minutes max. Then they start to only talk about how you can become a “independent business owner”, then you see you have a fee to join it, then you have to buy the product to offer to others, then you need to have 2 or 3 people under you … and the Pyramid scheme goes on ….
        I won’t talk about the product itself because I am no expert on it but it drives me crazy to know that people don’t see it as a pyramid and I wonder what those people that makes real money from it think about all the “business owners” …. ahahaha …. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C

  19. Well, in my “pyramid” there are over 100 customers and I just started. Wondering what hold these customers in place. Hmm…

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