Zeal absurdity I say!

Sorry folks, been off the radar for a bit. Anyways, I decided to drop in and answer/reply to a few comments that I thought needed attention.


Here Y’all go! I am not signed up for Zeal, Just doing some research. I have read most of your post and it could be just that, another diet system just like the others with some good some bad ( more bad from your view). I couldnt help to notice that in your response to a post your top two have to deal with the amount of “Hits” on your site. Everyone knows that creating controversy is the next best thing to using sex to advertise or getting attention. I am not saying your claims are wrong, I will continue to research more than just one site, However, it is interesting your most excited about the hits on your site than anything else.

Jared, I am excited, for both selfish and selfless reasons. I have really enjoyed putting this little site together when time permits. I have gotten to learn a little bit about people in the process. So, why did I post my numbers even though I was worried that someone would misconstrue it?

Selfish reason: Everyone wants to be heard from their internet soapbox. That same reason people are friends with 5,000 random strangers on facebook I suppose. People are actually listening, so I take some pleasure in that. Admittedly, I did crack a little grin when I logged on and saw my numbers.

Unselfish reason: I wanted to throw a red flag. Yep, this stuff really isn’t that great. The reps are so dishonest they instantly quell any questions that allude to the fact that it isn’t the magical cure all they are selling it as, I thought people needed to know. You have seen all of the issues I have with certain demographics taking this, but they continue to ram it down their throat. Unless you are a medic or really good at finding legit medical info on the internet, then you probably aren’t going to be able to see past their smoke and mirrors. The number is the only tangible way of seeing how many people it may have helped. Of course, half of them appear to be irate zeal reps on a mission to smear my good name, but you know…


I have been doing ZEAL for over a year now. The product has saved my life. All the medication I was on did nothing to change my health. ZEAL did!!! I have been in 5 different MLM companies and not any one of those companies did I make any money. You have to carry inventory in many of those companies to level up and can lose your level when you do not perform. With ZEAL you do not have to carry inventory and you keep your level. You can earn income 4 different ways. Zurvita is the parent company which means THE RISEN LIFE. . Also… Your reference to a pyramid scheme is ignorance on your behave. How about you contact me so that I can share samples of this product with you and share the business opportunity. Before you go and post you should join, work your business and take the product then…. you can post the truth. In 10 months got great results with the product, made National Director, able to quit my full-time job work my part-time job, drive a FREE Cadillac and make more money in my part-time job then ever in my life. Knowledge is power…

Wow, you really showed me. All of my scientifically backed information must be wrong… Any halfway intelligent person would think that this individual is driven by money, but obviously, he just does it for the love.


So what do you say to the many doctors and scientists that developed this product and approve it for kids AND pregnant women. Do you have any statistical data taken from people who actually use Zeal to back up your claims? How about me and my family volunteer to let you come and monitor us for 90 days and see if you can prove any one of your claims. If you truly are a “dietician”, then you know that statistical data is the single most important factor needed in backing up medical claims. Zeal has this statistical data and readily makes it available to anyone. You just have a blog full of unfounded opinions and scare tactics. So here’s my offer to you: Come live with us for 90 days and then go to your blog and actually report facts. I’ll provide you with a warm bed, 3 square meals and snacks, and pay for all your entertainment. Deal?

Did you not read the entire section devoted entirely to pregnant and breast feeding mothers? Did you not see that the same herbs in the wellness drink are used for herbal abortions? Send me 90 days of zeal. I’ll use it and report back. I have tried it just didn’t do anything. I just don’t see how it will compliment my already healthy, calorically adequate, nutrient dense diet.


This comment really shows how ignorant you really are. First of all,I am not in the program myself but I am researching the opportunity and its products. I got a couple of samples from Colton Brinkley who has a degree in internet marketing. He is one of those at the top of Zurvita and he works with you personally to help you succeed. The reason that I call your comments ignorant is that you mentioned caffeine as one of the ingredients. You don’t even have a clue as to what is in it. There is no caffeine in the product what so ever so the rest of your argument holds no water.

Thanks for the insult, David. Good for Colton (I care why?). Actually, it does have caffeine, champ. There is no way around it. Incase my other posts on the subject didn’t sink it in, this is the best I can do for you without making you a picture book, so here goes: Green Tea = caffeine Yerba mate = caffeine Guarana = caffeine Just like….. Coffee = caffeine Cocoa = caffeine Black tea = caffeine I know what is in it. I posted all of the ingredients and their effects. What I don’t have a clue about, and you don’t, or anyone else on this planet is their proprietary blend. It could have low levels of caffeine containing things, or high. Concentrated amounts of hepatoxins, teratogens, and abortifacients, or low. Beats me man. Thanks for proving that most of the sales reps are absolute goons that have no idea about the product they are selling. I am ignorant. Yep.


Hello. My husband is in Stage 4 kidney/bladder cancer. His cousin contacted me about trying to get him on Zeal. Can you please respond to the affects this may have on his condition? I personally do believe it is nothing more than a frighteningly dangerous pyramid scam, however I would like to answer the cousin with factual information. Thank you.

Kelly, I hope your husband is doing well (better). Sorry I didn’t catch this until now, I was out of the country. First off, I don’t believe your cousin has the stones (or is that mislead) to suggest this garbage for that. This is why these folks truly infuriate me. Taking advantage of someone in a crappy situation. There are a couple of things that are iffy for the kidneys with that (ashwaghanda and moringa). Furthermore, do you know where the body processes out extra things like vitamins and minerals? The kidneys. I don’t think I would tax it more by dumping random crap in for it to filter out unless I had to. That is just what I hear doctors tell people with kidney issues. I am not a doctor. Truth is, do you think it will work? If this stuff would help stage four kidney cancer, zurvita would be charging $500-1000 a tub and selling it to pharmacies. Oh, and nothing in it is proven to help your kidneys. So it won’t help, it may hurt, and it costs some money. I don’t see an upside.


Have you considered publishing other reviews of the plethora of supplements that are out there (all sold as pyramid schemes)? It seems everyone I know is now selling one!


Paul, I am working on it. I am pretty tight on time these days, I actually have another blog I was going to do that on, but all it has is an article about why real men eat salad. Maybe one day. I was torn between doing it on individual supplements. IE: single out advantra z fatburner one time, then go over l-arganine the next. Or target one supplement as a whole. Ideas?


I’ve been takin it for about 3 months and hey my doctor said it shows from how healthy I am now then I was.. check it out here 12thman.zealforlife.com email me if u need help

Sure thing there scooter. I’ll do that as soon as you link to my page and tell them that they have to read it before they can purchase from you.

2 thoughts on “Zeal absurdity I say!

  1. I tried Zeal for about 3 months. I have to admit I felt great in the beginning. Then I began to notice my heart started racing in the evening while at rest. It was weird 103 beats per min laying in bed. 103 beats per min might be normal for some people but it’s not for me and it scared me. I looked all over the internet for negative info on Zeal couldn’t really find any so I thought maybe I will try the guarana free version and see if there’s a difference. No difference. I stumbled across your blog and found it very interesting. I stopped taking it and guess what…. No more racing heart. Thank you for all the info. 😊

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