Zeal for Diabetes, The zeal Cadillac, and some funny comments.

Hey folks. Long time no see. Sorry about that. I am not going to waste a lot of time with the small talk this time, I just figured I would reply to my posts. First up, Rihana. She writes:

I thought this was extremely educational… it was definitely a long read however… you showed all kinds of resources and I really appreciate it… I have been on the edge of trying this product. .. I started researching it due to the fact that I have only heard great reviews from people who would “have and agenda” they arr selling it trying to get that car you are talking about or the “40, 000 dollar paycheck a month!!! I have taken 2 samples of it… I felt nothing other than I drank it late in the evening and I couldnt sleep all night… after I asked if there was any caffeine because I have been off caffeine for over a year and was assured there was absolutely none… after I drank it they said well… There is a very small amount you could only tell if you are sensative to it… yeah I was quite sensative!! I saw on a couple things it was unhealthy for pregnant women but at thesr meetings people were giving thise product to young children! ? If this product is unsafe for children why and how is it legal for this company to lead people to believe that it is great for all ages to include young children!? My husband has type 1 diabetes they talk abput how it was “curing” people… unless my husbands indocrinoligist uneducated there is no “cure” for type 1 diabetes right? I mean if your pancreas doesn’t work it can’t be “jump started”… I am sorry to ask so many questions but extremely curious! ! Thank you for taking the time to read this and to write about this!!

Rihana, I have been talking about and footstomping this entire time about the fact that WE DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH OF WHAT IS IN THIS STUFF. That is why we should be worried, right? I have brought up the caffeine thing before with these folks and the best argument I have ever gotten is guarana is absorbed slower than the other forms of caffeine. Of course, as covered in a previous post, that is about 50/50 on the studies. Some show one way, and some show the other way. Neither of which is terribly recent. So there is caffeine, we just don’t know how much. Although some less than knowledgeable or less than honest reps would have you believe otherwise. Heck, even the corporate site says it is a “caffeine like substance” unless they have changed it recently. If that is the case, we can go ahead and say that coffee, tea, and chocolate also contain “caffeine like substances.” We all know it has caffeine, just like green tea, yerba mate, and guarana. This infuriates me, but hey, kudos to you for being caffeine free for so long. That is more than I can say. I love me some good coffee and green tea!

The diabetes part? Well they have been spewing that nonsense forever. You are absolutely correct that there is no cure for type 1, or insulin dependent type 2. If your pancreas doesn’t produce insulin, it doesn’t produce insulin. Period. However, the amount of insulin required varies with the amount of sugars taken in. Basically, every sugar you intake is eventually converted into glucose. Glucose is toxic unless your body is using it, right? Well, the way I have stated before that it masks the symptoms of diabetes, is that if you follow the zeal for life challenge, it is fairly low carb. Boom, you don’t need as much insulin. Of course, if one were to return to normal eating, which for most contains a fair bit of carbs, you magically regress. So no, it won’t work for diabetes. Another interesting thing is that it does contain milk thistle. I was actually involved in a study with some insulin dependent type 2 folks and it seemed to help. So, if you feel that may be viable to try, have your husband discuss it with his health care provider. So yes, you are right, it is all about the Benjamins I am afraid. The calorie, carb, and sodium restriction that this places you on can mask a myriad of health problems. But that doesn’t mean you are healthy!


Next up, Richelle:

Richelle Walter

I loved your blog about Zeal. My niece and brother-in-law are selling it, and spew the same things about how it gives you energy, x amount of people use it and love it. My recent favorite is that my brother-in-law claims the company is going to give him a BMW, Cadillac or Mercedes. He has been selling this crap for only 3 months and they are going to give him a car?? My girlfriend works for Mary Kay, and it took her about 3 or 4 years to get her first car from them. And cadillac-forget it. She is still trying to earn hers after 17 years.
Anyway, I tried Zeal for 30 days, and didn’t understand why I was having stomach issues. If I asked my brother-in-law about side effects, he told me Zeal has none. Yet my stomach kept feeling really ill. Now that I have not been on Zeal for a few months, my stomach feels fine.
This product scares me because the reps keep telling you how good it is, how much energy you will have, but do not believe that it is doing anything bad to your system.
Thank you for researching this-and letting us know what Zeal really does!
Richelle Walter


First of, Richelle, Thank you for writing and being honest and up front with your experiences. I have seen people selling the stuff sick-as-a-dog and can’t put two and two together. I can definitely see why it made your stomach upset. If you read my individual reviews you can see the multitude of ingredients that can cause different reactions in your GI tract. That caddy sure is enticing though. Some folks would run over their own mom for a new car. Unfortunately, this whole thing is driven by materialism, and it is the people on the bottom of the pyramid… uhh… tower… uhh…. network, yeah network (you cant call this a pyramid scheme, the zealots will hunt you down) who end up getting hosed. They actually pay to lease a car for you if you rip off enough people, I mean sell enough of their product and make them a certain amount of money. But, lots of enthusiasm and confidence can go a long way toward selling something, and making people skip the research. People use their personal connections to sell this stuff too, so the members feel obligated to support their freind/family member/neighbor. Unfortunate, but that is how the cookie crumbles. 

Next up, Jinny:


I’ve been take the Zeal for 2 weeks and my life changes. The tiredness in the morning was gone. I feel so fresh and focus. My active level is up and I become more positive so yhat I can make decisions better for my health. I know Zeal is just supplement not a medicine or cure for diseases. Hoeever, I saw many of people drink Spark in my area or monster drink, 5 hour energy drink , sodas, all kinds of fake boost energy stuffs and eating junk foid. If Zeal is that much dangerous, don’t you think Coca Cola or cigarette is worse than that? I will take Zeal rather than all the fake & junk food. Not all home remedies or natural herbals were not proofed but we still believe those and use because they work!


Lolwut? Really, I don’t know how to respond to this. Actually, the only reason I left this post was because I am trying to be honest and up front by allowing all posts (unlike the zeal blogs do, am I right?). Three reasons you aren’t tired in the morning? 

1. You drink it in the morning and it has caffeine.

2. You had some vitamin deficiency and it is a multivitamin (with other nasties added) drink and it fixed some nutrient deficiency because you ate horribly.

3. Placebo effect.

Then the caffeine gives you energy, that mixed with the placebo effect you go do more stuff. Exercise gives you actual energy, however. 

I read a quote on a forum and it said “It is ashame that people’s habits were so bad in the first place that this stuff actually made a difference.” I liked that quote, because it is true. I find your straw man argument interesting that zeal is better for you than junk food, coke, and cigs. Well, yeah, it probably is. Everyone loves vascular inflammation and high triglycerides from smoking, empty calories, and preservative laden free radical parties. Who doesn’t. While it may be marginally better, what it isn’t better than is a good diet. Eat fresh, eat healthy, eat clean. The KISS method really does apply to food. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it! While zeal is better than terrible food, or getting shot in the head, you have learned nothing, andstill don’t get everything you need from it. Really, you just sound like the person that the previous two posters warned about. 

Cliffnotes: Getting shot in the head/ diet of twinkes, coke, and cigs< Zeal for life < normal supplements plus a semi health diet < eating a health diet. You can hang your hat on that folks. I said zeal for life was better than something! 

Ash: I really don’t know the prices. I think it is round about $300/mo for the complete challenge because it is the “package deal” and more for the items a la carte. Google would know, and I am too lazy at the moment. 

Alright everyone, I am out! I think I got to everyone and now I have some coke, cigs, and a twinkie/beefstick sandwich to devour, because that is how everyone not on zeal eats! Have a good day!