I cant spell, I delete peoples comments, Zeal is wonderful ’cause testimonies say so,

Gosh, I haven’t logged on in a while, and I have a ton of love(hate) comments from zeal reps. First, I have to throw out some self indulgent interesting facts before responding to the redundant accusations and ribbings of those folks.

1. I hit 15,000 views, thanks folks! Also, I appreciate the genuine messages of appreciation I have gotten.

2. The day with the most views? Halloween. Mwuhahahahaha. Odd, as that is my least favorite holiday (if you can call it a holiday, more like helliday, lol).

3. Zeal burn and heart palpatations seems to be making a rise to the top of my google webmaster search list. Go read the burn synopsis if you want to know why.


Now, do address the commentators. Now if you recall in some of my initial posts, I said that these folks were only using testimonials and marketing jargon, and were not willing to use scientific studies to back their claims. So this one, goes out to Nolan for proving me right. Actually, that is near the only refutations I have received to show that I am “wrong.”


Nolan says:

35,000 satisfied consultants and many thousand more customers would seriously disagree with your statements here. Oh yeah and then there is the 3 board certified doctors and a world renowned personal trainer who have attached their name to the product and company.

Just what I said. 35,000 people trying to sell the stuff, and paid spokespeople say it is great! I have read the studies that zurvita linked to, and mostly they were great studies. in particular about certain micronutrients and antioxidants, and not about the individual ingredients of zeal. I could be a little bit fuzzy, but that is what I remember. There have been doctors that said ephedra is safe too. Look where that is at. I still hold that the best way to get your micronutrients and antioxidants is with a nutrient dense diet which is loaded with fruits and vegetables. You can throw in some dark chocolate, green tea and red wine too. Enjoy it for crying out loud.

However, what Nolan did call me on, is the other supplement and diet blog I am working on, and it’s lack of content. Actually, it lacks SO much that I haven’t linked to it yet. Also, McDonalds? Run as far as you can from this free radical inducing corn laden cesspool. There is already a crusade against McD et.al that is right on the money, so why mess with a good thing? That is perhaps one good thing I can say about zeal, not alot of corn/grains are involved, for which I am in favor of.



Nice regurgitation of “Z” facts. I think that will stick. “Z facts” will be the new term I coin for zurvitas info on their product. Point is, I wanted to get past that, and it in no way refutes anything I have typed. I wanted to do an in depth analysis of each ingredient. While I could have gone deeper, I feel like I got the gist of things across.

Let’s talk rice bran. Want to know how it is stabilized? After removing the bran, the bran oil will go rancid if the constituent called lipase is not inactivated. So they then they mix it with NaOH (lye) and water and toss it in a centrifuge to separate the insoluble parts. Sounds delicious. I always say eat food, not food product, but this grain slurry is finding its way into many food products because of it’s apparent nutrient density, which I guess is better than maltodextrin and other rice products. It is worth noting that stabilized rice bran is nothing new, and has been used in the equine market for quite some time.

As for network marketing, I have no qualms with it in general, and I think I have been pretty clear on that, and I have already explained why I don’t like the way zurvita reps do it. You are seeing it first hand. Testimonies and paid doctor advertisements are all we need, right?

Rick says:

Funny how our military practitioner wants to try some of our Zeal. I have tried everything that the big box “Supplement” stores have had to offer and been on Nutrisystem as well for weight loss. Nothing has worked as good as this product. I feel great, have been able to modify my diet, eating smarter, and began working out again. Don’t seem to be experiencing any bathroom issues and with that said I never trust anyone who claims to work for the government. I did for 21 years and know what I am talking about.

Rick doesn’t trust anyone who works for the government, yet he follows someone who works for the government’s advise when he/she recommends zeal.  LOL. It is cool Rick, I don’t trust them either. You have their outrageous macronutrient recommendation which is way too carb heavy (unless you trudge out 6 miles a day, but that is no fun) and the fact that the FDA has been bought out by big agra and big pharm lobbyists. (I could make an entire blog on this one alone) Why should you? I have never used the government to make my point nor stood behind them in any aspect. They of course are neutral to this whole thing, and it isn’t even a blip on their radar, so why would they care? Nutrisystem is disgusting, preservative laden, bordering on inedible stuff. Not to mention I have multitudes of problems with it. At best it teaches portion control, and maybe that is the best, and only good thing about it. My wife did in fact try it. That is how I know it is disgusting. There is enough wiggle room in it, that without proper education, you can gain weight. Plus, I don’t blame you for quitting, it is just terrible. But at the end of the day, no supplement causes you to lose weight, it is about the calories in/calories out, and what type of calories you have. I already stated why zeal can help you lose weight here if it bothers you that much.


C&C Mom:

For one it is not a pyramid scheme. Just like any direct sales, Avon, Mary Kay, Tubberwear etc you CAN make more money with people under you. A pyramid is you only make money by recruiting people. That is not the case with Zeal for Life.

If you have done so much research and are posting about it you would realize you spelled Advocare wrong which makes it look like you didn’t do much research.

What do you think of the Centrum vitamins. The first two ingrediants in those are used in producing concrete. The third is used in lethal injections to stop the heart and the fourth is glorified wood pulp.

Zeal doesn’t say anywhere to stop your medications that is a persons choice they are making on their own. We are not doctors or medical professionals and never claim to be.

I am not sure what has you so up in arms about Zeal. I also can’t find anything about your certification for you to be making the medical claims you are making. If you would like to share them I would love to look at them.

C&C mom makes fun of me for spelling advocare wrong, which was preceded by her spelling tupperware wrong. Obviously, I am a moron. She would be right though. I didn’t research advocare a whole lot. This probably warrants another post, so I will make it quick and toss out the similarities between advocares 24 day challenge, and zeal’s 30 day challenge.


The cleanse, just about a mirror image, really. Senna = laxative, the other “glorified wood pulp” products you were just mocking. Pretty much a mirror image, albeit, with less nasty stuff in it.

I do like that they provide an omega 3 supplement fortified with Vitamin E (speaking of vit. e I am going to go grab some almonds). Zeal doesn’t do that.

Their vitamin drink has relatively the same micronutrient content, but skips the wonky naturals. Their “burn pill” doesn’t seem to have nasty, nasty bitter orange in it (unless that is what citrus flavonoids are, in that case, sneaky sneaky) and their protein shake is roughly the same. All things being equal, I would actually say advocare’s set up is safer and just as effective.


About centrum’s calcium carbonate? Yeah, they put that in cement, and antacids. I believe the street name for it is chalk. We find it in lots of things. It is one of the things that zeal lacks, calcium you know. It is probably what they would use to fortify it if they worried with it. It is actually an all natural substance, which would go hand in hand with everything else in zeal, including the glorified wood pulp. Plus, I like Naturemade, but it still has calcium carbonate. It certainly isn’t the most bioavailable but works, is effective, and an FDA approved treatment for certain ailments. It is worth noting that calcium citrate increases aluminum absorption so the carbonate is a better option. I don’t know the other two that are in concrete, silicone dioxide maybe? That is sand. I would say you would find that in concrete, and some zeal products have it. Interesting as silicone is also important for bone health. Iron is another ingredient the zeal system woefully lacks, it also plays a vital, yet lesser known role in bone health.


This is where I got my cement info. Sorry I am not a cement expert. I find ironic how many things in cement are needed for bone health. It is almost like we were created from dust of the ground.

6 thoughts on “I cant spell, I delete peoples comments, Zeal is wonderful ’cause testimonies say so,

  1. I loved your blog about Zeal. My niece and brother-in-law are selling it, and spew the same things about how it gives you energy, x amount of people use it and love it. My recent favorite is that my brother-in-law claims the company is going to give him a BMW, Cadillac or Mercedes. He has been selling this crap for only 3 months and they are going to give him a car?? My girlfriend works for Mary Kay, and it took her about 3 or 4 years to get her first car from them. And cadillac-forget it. She is still trying to earn hers after 17 years.
    Anyway, I tried Zeal for 30 days, and didn’t understand why I was having stomach issues. If I asked my brother-in-law about side effects, he told me Zeal has none. Yet my stomach kept feeling really ill. Now that I have not been on Zeal for a few months, my stomach feels fine.
    This product scares me because the reps keep telling you how good it is, how much energy you will have, but do not believe that it is doing anything bad to your system.
    Thank you for researching this-and letting us know what Zeal really does!
    Richelle Walter

  2. In response to Nolan’s comments, I think Zeal reps should also do some investigation on those doctors who promote Zeal. Dr. VanLue appears to be a legit practitioner; however, are reps aware of his prior product line attempts, like everythingwell.com? Seeing a doctor promoting a series of his own vitamins, not once, but twice, would make me wonder about his intentions as a professional. Is he more concerned with healing or with marketing? I don’t begrudge anyone for trying to create a good product, but I do think it warrants a second look.

    Dr. Badman was just certified in 2011. And I don’t actually see that Dr. Walker is board certified, unless I have missed that info. I have checked healthgrades.com as well as tried to search for any board certifications online. If I am mistaken, I do apologize.

    Regardless, yes, three WHOLE doctors have endorsed Zeal. But why not more? And why not more who are board certified and have been practicing longer?

    I have several family members who are selling Zeal, and I think, for some people, it may not be harmful and may help with certain health issues. My big concern is simply the infancy of the product and the lack of research we have on any long-term effects. This is why I choose not to take it. I would rather focus my energy on drinking water (and enjoying my occasional coffee!), exercising, and eating whole foods.

  3. I think maybe Zeal was giving me lung and allergy issues. I started taking it in August and within a few weeks I was really sick with bronchitis which ended up lasting for about 2 months. Two rounds of antibiotics. Afterwards I was left with pretty much asthma. Every night and after exercise, especially in cold weather, I’d have breathing problems. My doctor couldn’t figure it out so he sent me to a pulmonologist who also couldn’t really figure it out, but said that my airways were irritated from when I got sick and put me on a “maintenance” steroid inhaler, which I didn’t like. I used it for a couple weeks and gave up because it was irritating my throat. He prescribed me Singulair (a pill instead), and I took that for a couple weeks but didn’t like the side effects either. Still with the breathing issues though. He also prescribed me a “rescue” inhaler which I didn’t use at first, but when I stopped the maintenance inhaler and the Singulair I used it a few times when things were really unbearable. At about the same time (last week of Dec) I went out of the country for a week and forgot to take the Zeal a couple times and noticed that the breathing problems started to ease up. So when I got back around New Years I decided to stop Zeal altogether. I think I have drank it once since I got back. I haven’t used the maintenance inhaler or Singulair in weeks and haven’t used the rescue inhaler in over 10 days, and I haven’t needed to. I’m hoping this solves the mystery, because I was really upset to have to be on all those new meds! I started taking Zeal because I was on so many supplements and didn’t want to add meds to my life!

  4. I am not signed up for Zeal, Just doing some research. I have read most of your post and it could be just that, another diet system just like the others with some good some bad ( more bad from your view). I couldnt help to notice that in your response to a post your top two have to deal with the amount of “Hits” on your site. Everyone knows that creating controversy is the next best thing to using sex to advertise or getting attention. I am not saying your claims are wrong, I will continue to research more than just one site, However, it is interesting your most excited about the hits on your site than anything else.

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