Zeal for life: Is it safe for nursing, pregnant and children? Guarana debate and some random drivel.



Time for a semi-comical update. I am very happy this blog has taken off like this. It is even at the top of some search results. Anyways, I was hoping to discuss in this post some of the more common search results I have seen, a firsthand case I had with someone who had done the complete 90 day challenge, address some of the accusations that have been tossed my way, further misinformed bad behavior of sales reps, and address guarana further.


First, the accusations that some have thrown my way. People have given me some pretty outrageous ones for sure. The big two that have been handed to me is that I am promoting my own product, and I am worried that this product will lose me business because it is so great!


Promoting my own product/supplement – I am not in any way trying to promote something else. Do I think that some supplements are better than others? Yes. May I suggest them in place of something due to research that will more than likely help you? Yes again. I have absolutely ZERO dollars invested in any supplement company, nor do I receive any money for promotion or dragging some other company through the mud. Just to make it clear, I have absolutely NO affiliation with ANY supplement companies whatsoever.


My job is in danger – No, not at all. Actually, I have seen my “business” grow. I get paid the same no matter whether I see 4 patients a week, or 50 patients a week. It is usually closer to the 50 patients though. If anything, as you will see in the case you will be reading soon, I would expect it to generate clients. The claim that zeal is so great that it would make my job obsolete is absolutely false.


Next up, the search results. Between the wordpress stats and the Google webmaster tool, I have noticed some recurring search results that are quite popular. I will hopefully answer those questions further, and maybe shed some light on them.


Zeal liver damage and zeal hepatoxin – Obviously, it appears that people are having liver issues or concerns about liver issues with zeal. Well yes, it does have a couple of hepatoxic ingredients. Buchu Leaf is one of them, and that is contained in the cleanse pill. Gotu Kola used long term is can also cause liver damage, and this is found in the zeal wellness drink. Noni has also been shown to possibly be hepatoxic. So the zeal wellness drink could cause liver damage and so could the cleanse.


Will zeal make me poop, Zeal for life loose stool, zeal for life laxative – Obviously, I have covered how the cleanse pill is complete trouser trouble and packed full of laxatives. The wellness drink also has a couple things that can cause a bit of loose stool. The zeal burn pill also contains a laxative.


Can I give zeal to my children – No! Don’t do it. I assume you people are searching for info on the wellness drink. The protein shake should be fine and the burn and cleanse are out of the question unsuitable for children. Did you know that even if you give them the guarana free version it still has caffeine, which I guess in its own right isn’t terrible, but it is coming from the yerba mate. The mate is what I have problems with. Yerba has been linked to oral cancer in younger children and fetuses. Red ginseng can have hormonal effects. Furthermore, most of these herbals have not been tested and studied in children at all. I know I wouldn’t risk my child.


Can I take Zeal for Life while nursing / lactating – Nope, not a chance. Remember the yerba thing above? That passes through your breast milk too. Fennel can lead to neurotxicity in the young ones. The cleanse would make your milk laxitivey (yes, I made that word up). Plus add in the potential hepatoxins and add in the fact that most of it, yet again, hasn’t been studied on lactating mothers would make me shy away. This is a crucial time in your child’s development. Would you risk it?


Can I take Zeal for life while pregnant – Absolutely, positively not. I can’t foot stomp this one enough. Actually, I will make a list of the ingredients in Zeal that could cause a miscarriage.


Wellness Drink:


  • ·         Ashwagandha
  • ·         Moringa
  • ·         Tumeric
  • ·         Red ginseng (teratogenic effects, not necessarily an abortifacient)
  • ·         Fennel (neurotoxic, not an abortifacient)
  • ·         Noni




  • ·         Juniper
  • ·         Buchu Leaf
  • ·         Urva-Ursi (also carcinogenic long term)
  • ·         Cornsilk Stylus


Long story short. If you plan on having a child, terminate use of these two zeal products atleast 90 days prior to planned conception. The burn pill is unsafe for anyone, and I think that the protein shake would be fairly safe. (you should still talk to your doctor).




The Case:


So we all know I work for the government. Now you get to find out something else. I am in fact in the military. Obviously, there are weight and abdominal circumference standards which need to be met. Said patient decided to do the zeal 90 day challenge. Of course she wouldn’t come to people with degrees in said subject to lose weight, it cures everything right? You may even remember me commenting that this could cause an iron deficiency. Well, low and behold, it happened. She reported to the doctor feeling extremely tired with severe shin pain. But wait, there is more! In spite of being severely anemic (HGB 8.2), and having a transferritin saturation of 3, and serum ferritin too low to read, she also had a calcidiol of 9. Her alkaline phosphatese was also very low, which is indicative of an eating disorder such as anorexia or laxative abuse. Oh, one more thing, she was also hypokalemic (low potassium). Another symptom of laxative abuse. She got all of that plus a stress fracture. She wasn’t mixing the protein shake with milk, and using water instead to cut calories. It completely wows me that an “advanced” supplement manufacturer would not include calcium and iron, which are the two largest deficiencies in the world, then have your reps tell people to eliminate them (maybe the reps came up with this themselves, beats me) to lower calories. Anyway, we put her on some decent supplements, and she has recovered, and is still losing weight. Needless to say, this is my only hands on experience, and I ended up being dead right about a lot of my suspicions. If I were to base my entire opinion off this one experience I would say “The zeal for life challenge causes iron deficient anemia, the zeal for life challenge causes calcium deficiency, the zeal for life challenge causes malnutrition.” I could be wrong, but I doubt it at this point.


**Disclaimer, no PII was released and no Hippa violations happened**


Bad Behavior:


Not much I haven’t complained about before, but I got banned from a facebook group for suggesting that a woman should not give this to her 16 month old and 4 year old, obviously for the reasons stated above. She also, of course said she wasn’t a nutritionist, but was well studied, so she can give the advice. A.K.A. can copy and paste off the zeal site. These are the types of people selling this stuff. WHY WOULD YOU TRUST THEM!!! Another one claimed that everyone needs supplements, and you couldn’t possibly be smart if you don’t acknowledge that. There was no way you could possibly get antioxidants from foods! They always end with “zeal has helped thousands of people!” They all use that. It must be a canned corporate statement. Asinine drivel as usual from that lot. I only got one to post a study, which leads me to my next one.




There are two ways that the guarana debate usually goes:


  1. A.      “Guarana contains a caffeine like substance which isn’t actually caffeine.” This is an absolute falsehood. It contains theobromine and caffeine just like cocoa, coffee, tea, and yerba. It is widely recognized in the scientific community that guarana has the HIGHEST caffeine content of any plants.






  1. B.      Guarana is caffeine, but it is absorbed more slowly. I have seen studies both ways on this. Both are dated about the same. The verdict is out, however, I feel this one is fairly reliable due to the testing method. I can’t find the counter argument as of now, but it was published about the same time as this one. The studies on this one are scant, and it is difficult to say which is more true. I have not been able to find more recent studies, just reposts of the old ones. Please don’t think that I am posting the only one that would support my argument (I generally have no problems with caffeine as I have said before). The zeal folks are apparently the ones that do, and they are the ones hawking it. I guess if you don’t know something has caffeine, and it gives you a perceived energy boost, you think it is the “magical formulation” working. Plus, we have absolutely no idea how much caffeine is in a serving. On this one, I say take it or leave it, and it is the least of the concerns in the grand scheme of zeal. But one thing is for sure, it most definitely has caffeine.










16 thoughts on “Zeal for life: Is it safe for nursing, pregnant and children? Guarana debate and some random drivel.

  1. I find it very interesting that you don’t mention ever mention trying Zeal for yourself. I’m curious what would inspire you to critique this product? Can you give us your medical credentials? I am not doubting your sincerity in what you believe but I don’t understand your reasoning… did you have someone tell you they had a bad experience with Zeal? Just curious. I am sure there are thousands of products that could be critiqued for their individual ingredients… every grocery store shelf has them. There are dozens of nutritional products for sale at Walmart that have much more dangerous ingredients. Have you critiqued those products… or are you only critical of products marketed through direct sales? So I ask you… why Zeal? I can find a dozen other blogs that give wonderful testimonials by people who actually use the product. I also don’t know of any product that everyone can take… people are different and each is affected differently by anything ingested.(My wife was completely Lactose intolerant but completely corrected the problem through nutrition) I can only tell you this… I had been spending $400-$500 per month for over 10 years on natural supplements to keep my Hepatitis C under control. I was able to keep my levels where they belonged, but I never felt very good. After using Zeal for only a couple of weeks, my sinuses cleared up and stayed clear, my joint and muscle pain completely vanished, my mental focus and clarity improved considerably, and my energy levels improved at least 3-fold. My wife has had amazing results as have my mother and sister. We feel so good we have now started going to the gym every other day. I do now sell the products myself part time. I love people and encourage them to try Zeal for themselves even if they buy it from someone else. I will never stop using it myself because it has me feeling better at 50 than I did at 20. You don’t have to believe in this product… I can personally introduce you to dozens of people who will say you are crazy. Zeal works in real life for thousands of people… even if it doesn’t in your blog. You should try it for a month and see for yourself. God bless.

  2. I see it only took you one day to remove my previous post… that tells me you are more of a fraud than any Zeal distributor I know. You should be ashamed of yourself… it is very obvious that you are far more concerned about the popularity of your blog than the actual health of your readers. You would do well to use your talents to encourage and help people rather than knock good products you have not even tried. May God bless you.

    • Doug, that was a rather nasty last message you left me. It is ok, I understand, the thought that I could interfere with your cash cow and the opportunity to simultaneously attempt to make me look like a fraud with your impatience, ignorance, and self entitlement to require a reply or response from me in less than 24 hours must have gotten to you. I will ignore your accusation that I chose to remove your post as you probably missed the message that when you posted, the comment was awaiting moderation, and it has to be approved by me. I am sorry, I don’t eat, sleep and breath to respond to folks on this blog, it is more of a spare time thing. I actually disagree with the fact that is how it works, as I feel that your comment should have been posted immediately, and I shouldn’t be able to filter out responses that may agree or disagree with my opinion. It should be there for the public to see, right? (don’t you wish our government was this transparent? However, as you can see, I have allowed both of your comments to appear to the public. I was considering leaving out the last one in humility, but I figured I should let your fellas see who they are buying from. Slightly jerkish on me? Maybe, now that I am done responding to your inflamatory post, let me respond to the one you wanted an answer to.

      My credentials I choose to provide are contained in the about section. You should actually read my entire blog to get a play by play critique of each ingredient. Good or bad. Yes, there are some fantastic supplements in the zeal wellness drink, and the challenge in general. Why I chose to pick on zeal? Also in the about page. But I will give you a quick and dirty. One individual came to my church, planted it, told lies about it, got a mini pyramid going in my church, then never showed up again. Since then, people have either been spreading misinformation that he gave them, or suffering ill effects. Wonder why I have a problem? Not that I have a problem with multi level/network/pyramid marketing. They can have great products, but some less than honest representatives can use that as a means to circumvent FTC guidelines.

      I did try it. The individual in question gave me a sample. I am up to try everything. Given my line of work, I have tried Atkins, Paleo, Zone, Dukan, and other diets/supplements just to see how they work and inform patients how they effected me. After all, I can’t give an honest opinion on it if I didn’t try it.

      I guess I should make my post on the experience, but I really felt no sudden energy boost or anything. I knew taking it once wouldn’t hurt me, but I would never take it long term to try it due to the fact that there is too much negative information about it. The wellness drink? An in shape strapping 31 year old lad such as my self should have little to no immediate side effects. Women could. The cleanse is an absolute joke, and the burn pill looks like any other crappy diet pill on the shelf. Not to mention both are dangerous. Similar products to the wellness drink are available via your local drug store if interested.

      I don’t quite understand your wife’s lactose intolerant statement. She fixed it through nutrition? There are so many ways that one could play out in my head, it isn’t even funny. I don’t even feel like going down all those roads. I will let you expound

      Hep C- Milk thistle has goodish results for that. I offer another point of view, and it will be a personal story, as your folk usually resort to in lieu of scientific evidence. I have a family member.. huge druggie. We pray for her. She has done every drug you can list, and also lots of people as well. So, obviously by this life style, she ended up with hep c. She had the exact same thing happen. She fought and fought with it for a while. Then, all of the sudden it went into remission. She said if the next time her tests come back good, she is going to quit telling her boyfriends she has Hep C. Absolutely wonderful! Furthermore, I don’t know whether they were going by ALT/AST levels or viral load levels. Do know that you viral levels can be low, and ALT/AST levels be high, vise versa or both high or low? People have a hard time telling why the numbers swing. At least from the docs I have talked to.

      As for you and your wife going to the gym, I say placebo effect/caffeine. Remember when I said that some ingredients are good in zeal? Caffeine and bacopa are both fantastic for cognative alertness. Caffiene is also a natural energy booster, and helps decrease the perceived rate of exertion during physical exercise. If only I could find a way to sell this magical substance for three dollars a cup! The other half of the reason you feel better is that you are actually working out. I don’t know what you ate like before or after, but I bet you changed it. Once you decide to make the “change” for zeal, and start eating healther, and ingesting XXXmg(G) of caffeine and working out, you actually feel better. Who would have thought?

      On a side note, my mom has this vitamin drink she decided she believed in and I reviewed it for her. She wasn’t too happy with what I found on it either. (She actually looked at me like I had just kicked her cat) But my mom is the kind of loving, trusting person that just loves and trusts everyone. So she bought into it. The good thing I can say about zeal is that it doesn’t contain horsetail, which can lead to B-Complex deficiencies, which this stuff did. But it contains other things that can be as bad. There are so many duplicates of this out there, and you have decided to choose and idolize this one. I mean, I know you aren’t going to provide fantastic irrefutable evidence to support your claims. Instead you will say “zeal has helped thousands, and me and my dog too, so it will help you.” That is the selling point of this stuff. You got caught by it. No biggie. I just want people to know that when they are confronted by that line, that there is something that could actually hurt them in it. Especially their children, infant while nursing, or unborn child. If you follow the entire challenge, it can ravage your body into malnutrition and injury. I have seen it first hand. Is it asking too much to share scientific studies backing up what I have seen with this stuff without being hounded by subjective biased claims?

      • Dear Sir

        I sincerely apologize for misunderstanding the moderation delay on my post. My post was showing the day I wrote it, but when I returned the following day to check for comments, it was not there. I mistakenly believed that you had read and deleted it. My mistake and again I apologize.

        That said… your response was passive agressive and only slightly less nasty. You began by saying you understood I probably did not see the message about the post awaiting moderation, then immediately insulted me based on assumptions of my motivations. Just as I overreacted without full information, you sir are guilty of the exact same thing. I promote Zeal for the health benefits. For full disclosure, I have made about $1000 per month part time, and won a free cruise, over the six months I have been involved with Zeal. I already make a six figure income in the oil and gas industry, so I do not consider this business my “cash cow”. The results I and my family have experienced are the reason I believe in the products and the company.

        I do have a couple of comments to your response if I may…

        I really don’t have any problem with your breakdown of the ingredients or even the possible side affects of some of them, though saying certain ingredients “may be” harmful without discussing dosages or frequency is pretty vague.

        Though I appreciate your efforts to protect your church members and friends, I don’t appreciate your overall negativity to network marketing in general or Zurvita in particular… especially based by your own admission on the actions of one representative. To do so in such a public forum is biased at best. I get just as upset about people who spread misinformation about frakking in the oil and gas industry. (Frakking has been going on safely for 100 years, but one guy makes a film based on bad info and thousands of people are adversely affected) I run my businesses with integrity and values in line with Godly principles. I would be the first to report individuals like you described to corporate to have them suspended… none of us benefit from people like that. Anyone that uses the term “pyramid” when discussing network marketing companies DOES NOT understand what network marketing is all about. Again a misconception that is perpetuated due to lack of information. Most people work for companies that better fit the description of a pyramid than network marketing. Zurvita sas founded on 3 core principles…
        1) to build a company that honors and glorifies God by welcoming and caring for all people regardless of their background.
        2) to build a company with humble leaders that are willing to serve and help others.
        3) to create a company that is designed for people to win and accomplish their goals no how big or small.

        As to treatments for Hep C…
        I am fully aware of the benefits of Milk Thistle. Also Alpha Lipoic Acid, dandelion root, reishi mushroom, aloe vera, licorice root, adrenal support, and too many other beneficial natural suppliments to list. Believe me, I have done extensive research. I lost two brothers to this disease and was determined to cure myself naturally.
        I have been successful in keeping my levels at acceptable levels for the last 12 years without using the horrible treatments prescribed by the medical profession. (Interferon variations being the only acceptable treatment in their eyes) Zeal happens to contain many of the ingredients I was taking already, without all of the pills.

        One last thing…
        As you are a self-proclaimed expert on suppliments, I find it extremely questionable that you would consider a single sample of any nutritional suppliment as a reliable basis for your expert opinion. It does not take an expert to understand that it takes a little time to experience the benefits of good nutrition. Through my own experiences, I have proven that our bodies are marvels of design and have the ability to cure themselves of almost any ailment if given the proper nutrients. I always recommend that anyone with an existing condition or concern ask their doctor before taking Zeal. I would say the same to pregnant women and would recommend small doses for children to determine the affects. As with anything… people must weigh the benefits against any possible negatives. Zurvita understands that some people may take a few days or even a couple of weeks to experience the full benefits of the Zeal products, which is why they offer a 100% money back guarantee. Excellent customer service is also the norm for the company.

        I believe that the vast majority of people involved with Zurvita are honest, caring individuals that truly care about people and their health.

        Thank you and God bless you.

      • Actually, It takes about 30-90 days on average for supplements to build up to therapeutic levels. But really, what are you taking it for? You can get all of your key antioxidants in fruits and vegetables, as well as vitamins and minerals. I believe that people who sell this are generally nice people too. Most of them are actually open about reading the studies as well. I don’t know where you gathered that I hate MLM. Amsoil, amway, and Avon are genuine good products.

        Pregnant women, nursing, and small children should absolutely not take this, period. No physician visit required. I get sick of people stating it is as well. I have obviously and objectively backed myself up on this one. I am an honest individual that cares about people’s health too. That is why I posted this site. It is difficult to sway me with personal testimonies that people that sell it have.

        Actually, let us see some government tips about how to pick out supplements.


        Number one on the list is:

        “Ask yourself if a product sounds too good to be true. Be cautious if the claims for the product seem exaggerated or unrealistic and use phrases like “quick and effective” or “totally safe.” Be skeptical about information from personal “testimonials” about the product’s benefits. Keep in mind that testimonials, anecdotes, unsupported claims, and opinions are not the same as objective, evidence-based information.”

        Gee whiz. I think that bottom part pretty well backs up my stand and opinion.

        Number three pretty much rags the burn pill into submission. To each their own i guess. You are one of the people who all of the scientific studies in the world wouldn’t sway. I am sure zeal will continue “changing” peoples lives through giving them vitamins and minerals they could be getting from a healthy diet, marginally effective supplements which would be better taken on it’s own under physician care, and a healthy dose of caffeine. I think it has great moral support that motivates people, and there is quite a bit to the mental side too. In either case, it is nothing a naturemade, attention to what you eat, and some exercise wouldn’t also do. There are just more potential risks and complications, and more costly as well.

  3. Funny how our military practitioner wants to try some of our Zeal. I have tried everything that the big box “Supplement” stores have had to offer and been on Nutrisystem as well for weight loss. Nothing has worked as good as this product. I feel great, have been able to modify my diet, eating smarter, and began working out again. Don’t seem to be experiencing any bathroom issues and with that said I never trust anyone who claims to work for the government. I did for 21 years and know what I am talking about.

  4. As most people, I was a skeptic at first even after the first sample but after a month of everyday usage it changed my life. I lost weight, felt great and that’s what everyone who I have GIVEN a challenge box to has experienced.

  5. Really ZEAL is not about the cleanse or the burn. It’s about the ZEAL WELLNESS. It’s a fine powder that you add to juice or cold water. It goes to the cellular level within minutes of drinking it. The main ingredient is the stabilized rice bran which that ingredient alone has over 120 antioxidants. For those that don’t really know what a antioxidants job is, it repairs the cells that are broken that cause free radicals that cause cancer, diseases and inflammation. Most people are given samples so they can try it and decide if they want to make that commitment to take it on a long term basis. We can not say ZEAL heals of cures but, many people are having fantastic results on this product. Within 2 weeks of being on the ZEAL WELLNESS my hot flashes and migraines were gone, within 4 1/2 months the many symptoms of Lupus that plagued me since my 20’s was gone, the eczema that I had since a few months old, gone. The severe allergies that I had to endure over 20 years of allergy shots that gave me no results, basically gone. We have been told our grandson might be autistic or aspbergers he was not talking to us only repeating us. Shortly after starting on the ZEAL WELLNESS and the protein shakes he is now talking to us and using some big words. When you see a loved one experience such great results you can not be passionate about a product that is changing people’s health. I know many people who have experienced great results. Women who have gotten pregnant after years of no hope, went into remission from Leukemia, gotten off the insulin after years of being a diabetic. People not suffering from pain from arthritis or fibromyalgia. I’ve experienced nothing short of a miracle and seen some too. When you have tried 4 different specialist and got no results and all of the conventional mediations with loads of complications including death, and got no results and you got results with a nutritional supplement. I’d take my chances all over again.

    • I reviewed the wellness drink. I reviewed how you can get all of the antioxidants you need from fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts, and teas. You are making absolutely ridiculous claims, and I think anyone can see it. Funny thing is, the herbs used in zeal aren’t even shown to work on aspergers, lupus, and for the most part eczema. I love the way you are claiming that it is a fertility drink now, when it is actually quite the opposite (look up anything dealing with zeal and herbal abortions on here). You yet again are making outlandish claims. What were the diets like before? What about after? I never said that zeal couldn’t cure some vitamin and mineral defficiencies. I bet those were the actual problems, and it provided relief from the vitamin defficiency. Also, please explain to me how and where it is absorbed “at the cellular level within minutes.” This sounds like more zeal marketing fooey to me.

      • In today’s market no one can get all of the nutritional value from foods alone. Even seeds are being tampered with and even if by remote chance you are using your own generational seeds in your own garden there is no guarantee that even the best of diets will give your body what you need. Furthermore, just as some are using marketing skills and personal stories to promote zeal, you are using your opinion and personal stories to degrade it. In my opinion, post the facts and allow the individual to decide for themselves.

  6. Hello and thank you for your blog. Even though I am a Zeal Consultant, love the product and believe in it, I appreciate forums such as these where people can retrieve more information and get further educated about various subjects. However, my hope and desire is for people to do further research for themselves after reading such information on sites/blogs as these and that these sites serve as a prompting to do so.

    First let me say, as far as getting all of our nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc., from food – you are right and I would agree with you that this is the best way to get what your body needs. However, and unfortunately, most people tend to be extremely lazy in this area and the U.S. obesity stats confirm this fact. Most people do not eat anywhere NEAR the amount of fruits and veggies to meet the required daily allowances our bodies need or consume energy producing foods. So, for many, many people, supplements do serve a great and much needed purpose.

    Also, I do have an issue with one of your statements regarding Gotu Kola and Noni and liver damage.

    GOTU KOLA (Gotu kola is an herb that is commonly used in Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. The above-ground parts are used to make medicine).

    YOUR STATEMENT concerning liver damage:
    “Gotu Kola used long term is can also cause liver damage, and this is found in the zeal wellness drink. Noni has also been shown to possibly be hepatoxic. So the zeal wellness drink could cause liver damage…”

    Upon doing further research myself on your statement, I found the following and wondering if you would care to comment:

    “Medications that can harm the liver (Hepatotoxic drugs) interacts with GOTU KOLA. Gotu kola might harm the liver. Taking gotu kola along with medication that might also harm the liver can increase the risk of liver damage.”

    Therefore, it seems as though it is the INTERACTION of medications with Gotu Kola that MAY cause liver damage, not simply ingesting the herb. And, in fact, this herb is used to help liver disease:

    “Some people use gotu kola for sunstroke, tonsillitis, fluid around the lungs (pleurisy), liver disease (hepatitis), jaundice, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), stomach pain, diarrhea, indigestion, stomach ulcers, epilepsy, asthma, “tired blood” (anemia), diabetes, and for helping them live longer.”

    NONI JUICE (is derived from the fruit of the Morinda citrifolia tree indigenous to Southeast Asia and Australasia).

    “In 2005, two scientific publications as clinical case reports described incidents of acute hepatitis caused by ingesting noni juice. Research has pointed to anthraquinones found in noni roots, leaves and fruit[6][7] as potentially toxic to the liver and other organs.[8] These case reports were reviewed in 2006 by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), concluding that no causal link could be established.”

    The above being said (or written, rather), I do not have a problem (not that you care what I have a problem with…lol) with you stating that it has been reported that Gotu Kola interacted with certain medications may cause liver damage and those with liver disease, such as Hep C, should look into this as it may worsen symptoms; or that there were 2 reports of Noni causing acute hepatitis, but upon further investigation, no causal link could be established – because isn’t that the full story or the truth? But, in my humble opinion, the way you stated it, seems very affirmative eventhough you did use words such as “can,” “possibly” and “could” – without the full story, it reads as though you are saying “likely to.”

    Also – I am sorry to hear about the Zeal Consultant who lied in your church, but was glad to see that you do not believe every one of us is like that and realize that most of us do care deeply about people, health and wellness, and the money is truly a byproduct of simply sharing what has helped us and changed our lives.

    Not that you should care, what I, as a Zeal Consultant, think but I was wondering what your further thoughts on this are. Thank you, again, for taking the time to write this blog.

    Blessing and Happy New Year!

  7. Someone I know & trust is now selling this, but I know they were put under financial stress & peer pressure before taking this on. I read through 90% of this blog (plus the studies/links) & ive seen enough to tell me this just isn’t for me.
    Though the back lash from zeal sales ppl r interesting, I noticed it was all sales ppl firing back & not customers backing up their claims.
    And It’s pretty funny how everyone who supports Zeal seems to only read/comment on previous comments & not the actual studies you clearly posted. I’ve been in sales/customer service since I could legally work & have learned how to spot a scam/poor product/bad salesperson. It’s all in your questions, resulting in their idiotic, rehearsed, broken record answers (essentially giving away that they don’t know more than what is written on the packaging) Oh they’ll pernounce all of the complicated words the average person doesn’t know anything about, but guess what, ask them to elaborate on what & how it works & u will quickly see they don’t know much more than u. I’m not here to hate on Zeal sales ppl, because some of them actually believe in the product & swear by it (placebo effect? Which lead to a healthy outlook which lead to less consumption of bad foods which is more why they feel better) ZEAL has some pros & cons just like any drug/medicine, the cons out weigh the pros which tells us it’s just not as awesome as we’ve been told it is. Opinions aside, make your own choice, but if u take Zeal, make sure to keep track of Your lifestyle before & after taking Zeal. Changes like physical activity (duration/level & dietary ingredients aside from Zeal) *for all the zeal sales reps who have claimed that supplementexpert is full of it & wont come clean with an identity, he would obviously endanger his employment, his employer & his personal well being. I haven’t seen a credible post about Zeal working a miracle in any official papers/posts. I’m interested, if there is, pls post. **sorry so long, & great work supplementexpert, I repeated things u covered in this blog because I’m sure most ppl won’t read through it all. Peace!

    • Yeah, the only person who has bothered to cite studies was the individual who cited zurvitas “studies” which were blanked micronutrient studies which could easily be applied to centrum, flinstones vitamins, or any other magic powder out there. If someone could give me a double blind RCT on zeal (which will never happen) it would be cool, but until then, I think it is bunk.

  8. you’re soooo gifted on paper. God is really utilizing you in great ways. You are carrying out a superb work! It was an excellent blog!

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