Overall Rating

So, now hopefully you have hung on to every single word I typed in my nutritive analysis of each supplement, right? Now I want to comment on the entire system, for weight loss, and all of the other malarkey that it is claimed to do.

Overall: I give it a 2/10. As a comprehensive system, it has massive fails in each individual category for what it is designed to do. There are so many supplement interactions with this stuff it is appalling. Moreover, about 90%of the ingredients are not proven at all. The proven safety effects outweigh the unproven gains exponentially. Actually, the only thing that brings the score up is the meal replacement/protein powder, which seems to be the most effective in this slurry of tree leavings. The cleanse and burn are absolute jokes, and the wellness supplement while it can be safe for a male who has no pre-existing conditions, is a fail for about anyone else. Overall, if you don’t take the meal replacement with milk, you are going to end up with a calcium deficiency, and if you are a female and your one “lean and green” meal doesn’t include substantial sources of iron, hello iron deficiency. You ladies struggle with that anyways. Try getting 18-22mg on the zeal challenge… aint happening. The irony (pun intended) is, is that iron and calcium deficiency are the most prominent mineral deficiencies in the world. You would think such an advanced manufacturer of supplements, such as zurvita, would realize this. But of course, they didn’t. It places you at risk for a nutritional deficiency when you are taking this to get everything you need! I would really like to run a TIBC or Calcidiol to evaluate my claims, but I am sure they won’t be published anytime soon.


Marketing: I am afraid I am going to have to go negative on this one. Zurvita is taking an advantage of the convenient idiot, as Lenin would say. Atleast I think it was Lenin who coined that one. Please correct me if I am mistaken. So my rating -3/10. There are people spewing garbage about this stuff non stop. When you challenge them, there are a few different roads it can go down.

1. They delete it, because they know they are wrong, and want to make money.

2. They delete, because they are scared of or not willing to accept the truth and be objective about things.

3. They ignore it, because they aren’t knowledgeable enough or truthful enough to accept what I said, or at least investigate it.

4. They spew off ignorant facts and regurgitate what zurvita told them.

Most people that sell this stuff, and claim to be Christian have Donald Trump and other business person quotes cluttering their facebook instead of Bible verses. Not that I am judging, I fall short all the time and I really do like money. I fell short today probably about 12 different times, and probably 100 more times I don’t even realize. But we have to put the facts into perspective here. At the end of the day, Adam and Eve did not start their day off with a zeal wellness/protein combo, then pop a cleanse, and follow that junk for the rest of the day. I have seen things such as “wow! you have no idea how good you feel when you have everything God intended you to have!” Just to see them complain about how they are starving on this. Actually, there is great examples here. I am redracer1985.




I don’t really chime in til the last couple of pages, but the people will not respond to me. They pick an argument that they think they can win, and overlook mine. Too much reading or learning? Please help us if you learn about what you are selling folks! I bet they are afraid to even click it, because they know what they would find… Not what they want to hear, and no black Merc.


Weight loss: 4/10 It works, but it doesn’t. It isn’t the crap in the burn pill working. I assure you of that. It is a little of the cleanse, and a lot of the meal replacement. It is easy not to top 1600 calories on this set up. Guess what? If you eat 1600 calories a day for a while, you are going to lose weight. They they add in exercise. Well, why wouldn’t it work?


The successful keys to any diet are elimination of refined carbs and activity. Eliminating alcohol is a fantastic way to do things as well. This does all three. Inactivity, refined carbs, and alcohol are the devil if you are trying to lose weight. Guess what, you could do all of this anyways, for free. Especially if you drop a bill on an actual registered dietitian once a month.

I listed some super basic things, but why so low, you ungrateful critic? While I surely am a sourpuss at some points, this falls way short.

1. Sustainability: It isnt very sustainable. I mean, when you get tired of living on these little overpriced shakes, pills, and drinks, what is going to happen? Yep, right off the wagon you go. It isn’t very socially acceptable either. “Hey Johnny, we are going to lunch at some great super healthy vegan joint. Wanna roll?” Naw, I am good, I gots mah zeal. However, let us say you have taken them up on their offer, and now you have a date with Tina McHottie? You might as well break out the coupon book on the first date. You are done like a turkey on thanksgiving. “Waiter, I’ll have a glass of milk to go with my Zeal, and could you give me a minute to flush my masculinity down the toilet as well?” Tina ain’t calling. There are always things that happen, and you just can’t make it work 100% of the time, which leads me to my next one.


2. Education: If you idiot proof things enough, you make idiots. This is exactly what is happening. When your $300/month runs out, do you know how to eat healthy? Nope. All you know is that you need 2 shakes plus spinach chicken salad to pass the day, and now you are out of both? How do you order healthy when you are with Tina McHottie, and you are still trying to keep your 6 pack chiseled? At least you didn’t pay with a coupon this time, but now she is leaving with the situation. If you learn what to do, and how to meet your micronutrient goals, you shouldn’t need a pill in the world. But sometimes, life happens, and that is why there is naturemade.



Other stuff: Obviously this works for diabetes and hypertension. Why? For diabetes, it eliminates alot of carbs, and gives you what you need when you need it. You should know that anyways. Blood pressure. What was your diet like before? Sodium and refined carbs love to run up blood pressure. When you all but eliminate them, it goes down. The truth is, you probably had high blood pressure because you ate like crap, and it was actually your fault, you refined carb and alcohol fiend you. Once you eliminated that, you were magically better.


At the end of the day, this is a very poor to poor system. Loads of caffeine and laxitives keep you chipper and everything rolling. If it cured your grandmas death or whatever, I am happy for you.

18 thoughts on “Overall Rating

  1. Hey iv been trying to tell my friends that zeal is a pyramid scheme found your article and had them read it but they asked who the author was could you tell me your info name qualifications ect. Thanks!!

  2. For one it is not a pyramid scheme. Just like any direct sales, Avon, Mary Kay, Tubberwear etc you CAN make more money with people under you. A pyramid is you only make money by recruiting people. That is not the case with Zeal for Life.

    If you have done so much research and are posting about it you would realize you spelled Advocare wrong which makes it look like you didn’t do much research.

    What do you think of the Centrum vitamins. The first two ingrediants in those are used in producing concrete. The third is used in lethal injections to stop the heart and the fourth is glorified wood pulp.

    Zeal doesn’t say anywhere to stop your medications that is a persons choice they are making on their own. We are not doctors or medical professionals and never claim to be.

    I am not sure what has you so up in arms about Zeal. I also can’t find anything about your certification for you to be making the medical claims you are making. If you would like to share them I would love to look at them.

    • And you Spelled “Tupperware” wrong so you probably didn’t do YOUR research LOL.. why would we need to see any certifications? He’s already provided all the links and pages and references where he found most of his research.. duh

    • Ha ha, “you CAN make more money with people under you. A pyramid is you only make money by recruiting people. That is not the case with Zeal for Life.” – this is great since this is exactly how you make money with Zeal for Life. Every single “member” will tell you that you can buy the product but then you can get it cheaper if you sign up to be a distributor. Well, when you become a distributor you are under that person, and so on and so on. Zurvita doesn’t make money by selling the product. Walmart makes money by selling a product. If you really believe in Zurvita then you are lying to others, because you are lying to yourself already.

  3. I have been doing ZEAL for over a year now. The product has saved my life. All the medication I was on did nothing to change my health. ZEAL did!!! I have been in 5 different MLM companies and not any one of those companies did I make any money. You have to carry inventory in many of those companies to level up and can lose your level when you do not perform. With ZEAL you do not have to carry inventory and you keep your level. You can earn income 4 different ways. Zurvita is the parent company which means THE RISEN LIFE. . Also… Your reference to a pyramid scheme is ignorance on your behave. How about you contact me so that I can share samples of this product with you and share the business opportunity. Before you go and post you should join, work your business and take the product then…. you can post the truth. In 10 months got great results with the product, made National Director, able to quit my full-time job work my part-time job, drive a FREE Cadillac and make more money in my part-time job then ever in my life. Knowledge is power…

    • “Knowledge is power..” – I believe the writer of this blog has touched on every single issue in your comment. One main thing is it would change your life without zeal when you cut out crap out of your diet and habits. People who join zurvita, who I met (and trust me, lots of them as my friend is Andi Duli, “business builder & success coach at zeal challenge” and made lots of money with zeal) were and are the ones who never had a real job, or education, working low paying jobs and more than anything don’t have very good understanding or analytical thinking. It’s easier to sway that side of population with a free black car. I personally can’t bring myself to do this as the business model is deceptive and unethical.

  4. my problem with all these companies are the fact that no one ever posts a certified bank check or payment…thats alwas an alarm for me. As well as the fact that the recruiter seems to be in worse financial state than me.

  5. Apparently, Zeal has helped some people. Use it or not, it’s that person choice. You go to the Doctor and he gives you prescriptions for your ailments, the prescribe medications helps that particular ailment , but have side effects that can be harmful to certain parts of the body. (Thats’s not a good thing) Zeal is like anything else out there. All of it has it pros and cons. You who did all this research on Zeal, have you done research on the medications you take or have taken? Maybe you haven’t had to take any. Marijuana is legal in some states now. It’s been said to help pain. We’ll, it fried my Ex brain. As I said earlier, use zeal or not, it’s your choice.

  6. I just want to say thank you for all the info you posted. I’m a person who research before believing in something. I don’t like to promote something when I know it’s not as effective as it claims to be, no matter how much money I’m giving up. I don’t want to be a part of a group of people who has a selfish goal. I do apologize If my English it’s not good, it’s not my first language.

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