Getting Burned by Zeal Burn


Zeal Burn. One of my favorites. It is unlike any other diet pill on the market most certainly! First, let us look at their as always comical claim.

Zeal Burn is the powerhouse of the Zeal Weight Management Program. Zeal Burn is an effective blend of thermogenic fat burners, a natural carb blocker and appetite suppressant. Taken before each meal these powerful ingredients will accelerate your metabolism to burn more calories, reduce your hunger and block the absorption of the carbohydrates that you do eat; all without making you jittery as many weight loss products do. Slowing down the assimilation of carbohydrates can help avoid the cycle of hunger and act as an appetite suppressant. Many people eat a lot of simple sugars and simple carbohydrates which go into your system quickly and go out quickly, leaving you quickly hungry. Zeal Burn can help.

I almost fell out of my chair laughing. “Powerhouse.” Ah ha ha ha ha ha. I probably knocked about 5 powerhouses off the shelf when I accidentally wondered in to GNC while looking for the flea circus. I figured out where I was when I heard a GNC bro ask me if I was looking to beef up. I turned tail and booked it, leaving the stacker 2 bottles and the “clinical strength nutrition supplements” in my supersonic wake of destruction.

Back on topic. My opinion is that this is probably the most dangerous out of all of the supplements for anyone in general. It is the same as the crap on the shelf when you walk into the dietary section at Wal-Mart. Remember when I said someone quit taking their blood pressure pills after 3 days on this challenge? Scary. It should effectively raise your blood pressure and make you poop. Put you at risk for some cardiovascular conditions, and help give you a boner. All and all, I am going to have a little fun on this one, because if anything deserves to get made fun of, it is this and the cleanse.


Advantra-Z™ (Citrus Aurantium / Zhi Shi powder)- Advantra-Z™ is a proprietary thermogenic fat burner, right? If you google this supplement, you will find that it is sold to multiple supplement companies. It appears to be concentrated bitter orange. That makes it not proprietary to Zurvita, maybe the Advantra Z folks? Luckily, I found a site with the sponsored zeal ingredient list which tells me what it really is, bitter orange. Plus, the Advantra Z site says it is. Let us first laugh at their claim about it. Hilarious!


Advantra-Z™ – The ONLY PATENTED THERMOGENIC INGREDIENT for weight loss and sports nutrition. This ingredient is proprietary to Zeal Burn to:


  • ·         Stimulate thermogenesis
  • ·         Reduce Weight
  • ·         Increase lean muscle mass to total body mass
  • ·         Improve athletic performance
  • ·         Suppress appetite


Bitter orange is not such great stuff. For a little background on it, it was used as a replacement for ephedra when that stuff got banned. In theory, this makes since due to the fact that synephrine contained in bitter orange extract is similar in chemical makeup as ephedra. The good part is that it is possibly effective….. for topical application in treating tinea corporis (ringworm), cruris (jock itch), or pedis (athlete’s foot). Furthermore, the ancient “all natural” medicinal use for this was as an appetite stimulant, not suppressant. The bad part is that it can have the same negative effects as ephedra, especially if combined with other stimulants such as caffeine. These negative effects include ischemic stroke, and cardiotoxicity including tachyarrhythmia, cardiac arrest, syncope, angina, myocardial infarction, ventricular arrhythmia, and death in patients who have taken this. It has also not been proven to work terribly well. Quick pop quiz (or open another browser window), how many caffeine containing substances did the wellness drink have? Oh yeah, makes you want to faint doesn’t it. First off, if you want to go check out this cool site, it has a super handy matrix to help you choose performance enhancing supplements which are legal and safe.


If you will notice, it is actually a class 12, which is the worst. Sometimes I wonder if they did their research at all before they put this stuff together, or just grabbed something off the GNC shelf and stuck a Zeal label on it. Most of these products seem to mimic the stuff you can get at GNC anyways. Kind of scary. Seriously, don’t take this stuff, you are rolling the dice. Zurvita claims they carefully formulated this so it won’t affect your blood pressure. My foot! I seriously don’t see how this would increase lean muscle mass. Exercise and a good diet do that, not bitter orange. That is a false claim for sure. It does not require a rocket scientist to figure out that a zero calorie supplement will not increase lean body mass. The references included scratch the surface, but documentation on the negative effects of this stuff is everywhere.



African Mango: It is used to lower cholesterol and for weight loss. It seems relatively safe when taken up to 10 weeks at 150mg 2x/day. It has become popular in modern weight loss supplements. There are three studies done on this, all by a university in Cameroon Africa, and all sponsored by a supplement company. They look suspect to me. They took overweight patients, and stuck them all on a 1800 calorie diet. The people on the supplement lost 16 pounds in a month, and the people not on it lost none.


Personal problems with this:

  1. A.      If you put someone overweight on an 1800 calorie diet, they are going to lose weight, unless they have a thyroid issue.
  2. B.      1-2 pounds of weight lost is considered a safe, realistic goal. You should not try to lose more than that. If you are, it is probably muscle. It seems inflated and biased, something just doesn’t look right about it, and it throws up a red flag.


Is anyone ready for Zeal’s claim?


African Mango extract has become one of the world’s most popular weight loss ingredients. The African mango comes from the Irvingia Gabonesis tree native to Africa. It was originally studied for its effect on cholesterol. After several controlled studies, it was discovered that not only did it help lower cholesterol levels, but in every study group given, the supplement had significant weight loss results – an average weight loss of 12.3 pounds in just 8 weeks!

They apparently took the limited African studies as gospel. Of course, they support what they want to tell you. I guess they didn’t completely lie on this one. It just goes to show they will read one study (or 3 bad ones) and toss any old thing in here.



Green Tea (50% EGCG) – Back to the old caffeine containing great tea extract, huh? That is in the wellness drink. If you want the details of it, look at the wellness drink. The only thing I am going to add to that is how this stuff is evaluated for weight loss. It is split, one study shows it works, and one doesn’t. Caffeine can act as an appetite suppressant. That is probably why so many people can skate through breakfast on just coffee, well that and skipping breakfast crashes your metabolism.



Cha de Bugre- There are really no scientific studies on this stuff. It seems to definitely have a diuretic effect. Historically, they have used it for weight loss and treatment of everything from herpes to cancer. It was probably one of the only medicines the tribe had down there in Brazil. You know my feelings on non-scientifically proven ancient remedies already. No need to expound.


White Kidney Bean[pod] extract (from the pod, presumably)– Since all the studies I found are on the pod extract, that is what I am going to go with.  It seems safe when used for 2-3 months. If you eat the pods raw, it can cause your stomach to get upset. If you ate them all the time, your stomach would be upset all the time, and you probably would not want to eat. I found a single study that says it can prevent lung cancer. For weight loss one that said the bean pod group lost 0.8 more pounds over a month and two that said it didn’t work it all. Given the three, I would guess the first one was just an anomaly. Of course, these studies were small, and if you add them up lean toward it not working, but objectively, I still see it to be inconclusive at best. They were actually correct on the fact that it acts as a starch blocker to a certain extent. Zurvita, you get a gold star for honesty on this one!


L-arginine– Does nothing for weight loss. Remember from my previous post this is a vasodilator. It is used for angina, CHF, and ED. It is also proven likely ineffective in athletic performance. Say hi to Smilin’ Bob for me.


Zeal probably found this one liner of


                L-arginine is a protein amino acid that is a natural precursor to growth hormone.


Truth: Your body synthesizes enough of this itself in most situations to where a therapeutic dose isn’t going to stimulate growth hormone release.


Trymethylglycine – Remember that song by Edwin Starr? Trymethylglycine! huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Ok, so that song was written in 1969, and times have changed. It appears possibly effective for Homocystinuria. It appears to be ineffective for weight loss. Eddie just about had it right. Other than sounding sciencey, there is no reason for it to be in a weight loss supplement.



Aloe Vera powder (200:1) – Not the ole orally ingested aloe again. Seriously? I hope it isn’t the latex, which we deemed to be unsafe for ingestion in the wellness post. I am halfway thinking it is the latex now, since it has been traditionally used as a laxative. Aloe still works fantastic topically.


Zeal Says:


Proper nutrients absorption from our body is paramount to maintaining a healthy body, a youthful appearance and high energy levels.


I didn’t know that laxatives helped nutrient absorption. I had always heard and read the opposite in the medical world. You learn something every day I guess.






Bitter Orange: (this was just with the juice, not extract) (shows ineffective; small study group)

Keogh AM, Baron DW. Sympathomimetic abuse and coronary artery spasm. Br Med J 1985;291:940. (scary) (A healthy 22 year old) (It raises BP)


African Mango:


Green Tea: (appears to work) (appears it doesn’t work) (More effective with additional caffeine)


White kidney bean pod extract:





Newall CA, Anderson LA, Philpson JD. Herbal Medicine: A Guide for Healthcare Professionals. London, UK: The Pharmaceutical Press, 1996 (When used as a laxative)

Wichtl MW. Herbal Drugs and Phytopharmaceuticals. Ed. N.M. Bisset. Stuttgart: Medpharm GmbH Scientific Publishers, 1994. (Covers laxative and renal failure) (renal failure by Aloe)



Zeal sites used for reference: (I get the nutrition info on it from here since they did a good job documenting it) (Burn doesn’t increase blood pressure LOL)


11 thoughts on “Getting Burned by Zeal Burn

    • Odd as restricting 1000 calories a day per week will cause 2lb per week weight loss. If you follow the “challenge” plan you will do just that. I will say I month has only 4 weeks and the next one has 5 like Feb to mar which would add up to 18 lbs. Odd huh? When you open similar diet pills up, they also include a 1200-1600 Kcal diet. Is it the pill or the calorie restriction? I think it is the latter.

  1. Wow, you are anti-Zeal……I don’t know why. I take it and have gotten rid of period cramps and feel a lot healthier and happier since i have been on it 🙂

  2. Why I chose Zurvita… RESULTS! Unmatched results with Zeal, I compared over 100 products that I have tried for 6 months or longer. With Zeal Wellness, my results were immediate, however, not every body experiences the same results. The unexpected happened, which is a story in itself, I’ll share when asked. I have never seen rice bran or so many all natural nutrients formulated and blended to such fine powder…. this allows immediate enhancement on a cellular level. I think it’s becoming the All American Apple Pie in nutrition. I love Zurvita products because they work to enhance one’s overall health and wellness. I have not found another product that can compete with Zurvita formulation. The proof is in its use and selection of natural ingredients that work on a cellular level.

    My personal results were immediate and are still benefiting me more daily. What will your results be?

    Could this be the reason Zurvita has the growth other companies wished they had? the bottom-line, no other product works on the cellular level to enhance one’s immediate and long term nutrition. Zeal Wellness and the Zeal Advanced Protein Shakes…it’s the best all-in-one, bang for your buck, that richly enhances ones’ overall health. I’ve spent over $20,000 in the last 10 years comparing ingredients and formulations. In my opinion, no single product or dozens of products that I have consumed and mixed together, have come close to Zurvita products. I’m just an old country boy who has compared 100’s of products on the market. For me, I was in need of the best nutrition for my overall health and I found it in Zurvita. That was a breakthrough that happened in 2011. No selling here…just telling! Life is a terrible thing not to live healthier.

  3. Proverbs 19:2 It is not good to have zeal without knowledge

    The irony kills me!
    As a physician well versed in the uselessness of most supplements, as someone who understands the antioxidant power of water, sleep, and a functional liver, as somebody who begs people not to waste their money on garbage marketing, as someone who can’t stand MLM schemes (especially ones that get affixed to churches) I salute you and your site.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks, email me if you would like to keep in touch. Supplements work, I totally believe in them. Just not a fix all amalgamation of things. They should be used like medicine. You wouldn’t use statins to treat a broken leg, would you?

  4. Your full of it and I don’t know why you are blasting Zeal, but Zeal has truly changed my life. and FYI, weight lose is about more than simply removing pounds. “The benefits of Trimethylglycine {TMG} range from reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer to assisting your body in maintaining its proper genetics to its ability to remove toxic metals and toxic chemicals. TMG is also known as betaine and was first isolated from sugar beets.”

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