The Alpha and the Omega (3 and 6 that is)

Happy Monday all! One of my readers, Pari Johnson, brought up a great point that I seem to have glossed over. The Omega 6 : Omega 3 ratio of this product. Here is what Pari has to say:

Thank you for your research and ‘telling it like it is’. An acquaintance who sells ZEAL sent me some samples. I was just not comfortable with it. I questioned its 1:19 ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 (their website gives it as:“Omega 3 Fatty Acids 60 mg+Omega 6 Fatty Acids 1,155 mg”). “An Omega-6:Omega-3 ratio that is too high can contribute to excess inflammation in the body, potentially raising the risk of all sorts of diseases.” When I asked about ZEAL’s out-of-balance ratio, I got answers that didn’t make sense. Thankfully I never used ZEAL, not only becs of this, but also I saw the caffeine issues and I’m sensitive to caffeine. Did you mention the Omega 6:Omega 3 problem in your articles? I ask becs I didn’t read all of them.

I am mentioning it now. I have to say, this has been a pretty hot topic in the health and wellness community, as well as the medical field in general. First off, we need to understand a little about fats, and the different types, I will list them and we can dive into them, because admittedly, fat is my favorite food group, and it somehow gets a bad rap. Yes, it is a concentrated source of calories, but your body needs it, and in it’s more natural forms is a good, nutrient dense source of energy.



Monounsaturated Fat (MUFA): These are characterized by one double bond in the fatty acid chain. These are in (not comprise) a plethora of foods containing fat. Just about all foods containing fat have this fat. This is considered the “healthy fat” in the nutrition world. They are said to lower LDL cholesterol, and raise HDL cholesterol.

Saturated Fat: All available carbon is bound to hydrogen atoms. These are found mainly in animal sources, but also in some plant sources IE: coconut oil, palm oil, and other tropical oils. The one thing to note about saturated fat is that it is darn near impervious to oxidation. Oxidized fat is bad news. More on that later. This raises both serum cholesterol levels. The government has been slow to accept that this type of fat isn’t as bad as we used to think. In short, it ain’t that bad, and fat from meat contains Stearic acid, vitamins A,D, and K2. Nutrient and calorie dense. (On a side note, every time you “burn fat” from your body, you are burning saturated fat). So whether you are burning your thunder thighs off, or taking a bite if that thick, juicy porterhouse you just cooked up your body treats it the same way.

Trans-Fat: Is the devil. Seriously. Unnatural chemical modified fat that makes things more shelf stable. There are good trans-fats from meat and dairy which occur naturally, they are more commonly referred to as CLAs (Conjugated Linoleic Acids).These are what you hear about when those crazy raw vegans scream that all animal products have trans fats. Sure do. You probably have a B12, calcium, iron, and choline deficiency along with unshaved armpits as well you crazy, unhealthy vegan. Back to the evil one. Your body doesn’t recognize it as a fat, as the chemical alteration changes the position of the hydrogen atoms. So instead of burning it passes straight to your blood stream and begins initiating a free radical party in your body. I would tell you to read the label, but that won’t work. The wonderful FDA states that if there is less than .5 grams per serving you can just round down. So manufacturers shrink the serving size as not to have to list it. Money wins on this one again. The best I can tell you, if there is the hydrogenation mentioned anywhere on the label, place it back on the shelf. Avoid unlabeled baked foods as well (you should be anyways). This goes for interresterified fats as well. (Those are actually in studies showing to be worse than trans-fat).

Polyunsaturated fats (PUFA): This is a real double edged sword. This is what the article is all about. Guess what? PUFAs have more than one double bond in the fatty acid chain. Incidentally, these are actually the most susceptible to oxidation and going rancid. Oxidized fat is pretty much as bad as trans-fat. Being exposed to light, air, or intense heat can cause these bad boys to oxidize, so care should be used whilst handling. (I keep my fish oil supplements in the fridge). It is also worth noting that Omega 6 and Omega 3 fats are “essential fatty acids.” This means your body can’t produce them on it’s own. The only way to get them is through diet. Furthermore, just because Omega 3 is advertised, doesn’t mean it is healthy. It could be nastily heated, processed, and rancid. Check the con-ola link in the references.

Moreover, fats come in varying ratios in different oils and meats. Most folks don’t know this. Most assume olive oil is all MUFA, and meat is all saturated. Not the case. Examples:

Olive oil (1 Tbsp): 15% Saturated, 72% MUFA, and 13% PUFA. Omega 6:3 ratio 13:1

1300mg Omega 6: 100mg Omega 3

Corn Oil (1 Tbsp): 14% Saturated, 48% MUFA, and 38% PUFA. Omega 6:3 ratio 76:1

4568mg Omega 6: 60mg Omega 3

Canola oil (1 Tbsp): 7% Saturated, 64% MUFA, 28% PUFA, and 1% trans. Omega 6:3 ratio 2:1

2610mg Omega 6: 1279mg Omega 3

Coconut Oil (1 Tbsp): 87% Saturated, 9% MUFA, and 4% PUFA Omega 6:3 ratio 2:0

240mg Omega 6

Butter, Unsalted (1 Tbsp): 63% Saturated, 26% MUFA, and 11% PUFA Omega ratio varies by cow’s diet. Typically between 4:1 and 1:1

Ribeye (38% fat, 100g): 38% Saturated, 41% MUFA, 3% PUFA,18% other (beats me, possibly CLA?) Ratio varies by cow’s diet. Typically between 4:1 and 1:1

Sockeye Salmon (Wild Caught, 100g): 17% Saturated, 48% MUFA, 35% PUFA; Omega 6:3 Ratio 1:12

110mg Omega6: 1400mg Omega 3

As you can see, in some things, ratio really matters, and some things it doesn’t. It matters more in corn oil (avoid, nasty) and less in olive oil. Grass fed is more important in butter, and less in meat. (Grass fed has an improved omega 6:3 ratio). Oh, and wild caught sockeye salmon for the absolute win. Delicious too!

Finally to the point!

What ratio should you be getting? It depends, really. Science and studies have indicated that you want somewhere between 5:1 and 1:1 depending on your health status. A more improved Omega 6:3 ratio seemed to help with asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, heart conditions, and the list goes on. Most Americans average 10-30:1. So, how does the zeal system stack up on this? Let’s find out. Same format as above, folks.

Zeal Wellness Drink (1 Serving): 17% saturated, 33% MUFA (not listed), 60% PUFA   19.25:1 Omega 6:3 Ratio

1155mg Omega 6: 60mg Omega 3

The protein drink has fat too, it is just that the ratios and amounts aren’t disclosed (in typical Zeal fashion). Anyways, does this really matter? Well, yes and no.

One part of me really wants to rip this up because the ratio is terrible. If you take it 3 times a day, you might as well swallow a dollup of corn oil. You are probably eating worse than that anyways. If you do the math, you would have to take 3 1200mg naturemade fish oils to balance one serving out to 1:1. Or just 1 for 3:1. Or just eat a serving of sockeye.

I would continue to rip this up because THE PANEL OF OMNIPITENT DOCTORS SHOULD KNOW BETTER. Everyone comments on how smart they are, but really, how did they not know this. This is widely known in the medical world. Especially the health and wellness and preventative medicine world. The US Government even suggests you get 2 servings of fatty fish a week (shoot for more) for the same reason! If they were that far off on this, what else are that far off on? Hint: read every other thing I have written. Why don’t they sell a high quality fish oil supplement to balance things out? Why do they say it doesn’t have caffeine? Why do they think this crap is safe for children and pregnant women? Lack of research and poor research? Ahh… I know, it is all about the Benjamins.

On the other hand, this is one of the least offensive things about it. If you just take one serving a day, it is easily balanced out. You had better not still be taking the burn and cleanse. One serving really isn’t that much worse than a Tbsp of olive oil PUFA wise. Whatever, I have that much olive oil on my salad daily. Usually balanced out with flax seeds BTW.


At the end of the day, of course Zurvita did poor research, and finds some studies from the back alley or makes outlandish claims to support themselves. Either way, on this one, you make the decision. The only thing I highly recommend on this is go find yourself a good high quality USP verified fish oil, of course running it by your doctor first. I love my naturemade burpless. I take it every day. I don’t burp it back up. Winner in my book.
 (Inter…whatever fats) (On treatment of diseases) (Canola Oil is Disgusting) (On inflamation and autoimmune) (Grass Fed meat) (Heat Oxidizing) (Oxidized Fats) (More on oxidized fats)


All fat info referenced from USDA Nutrient Database:

Advantra Z® – The bitter and the sweet (mostly bitter)

I have a huge appetite, and from time to time I get cravings. You know, that rumble in your stomach for something that you know only one thing will satisfy. I have a craving, and the prescription isn’t more cowbell. For the past week, I have had this insatiable hunger for some ingredient bashing (if you recall, the last post on caffeine was more of a nod of approval than anything) and that ingredient is Zeal Burn’s very own Advantra Z. Although I had ravenously feasted on this with much vigor in the past in my Getting Burned by Zeal Burn post, it didn’t quite satisfy my hunger. So I am going to serve up a heap of steaming Advantra Z for us to feast on.

 If there is one single ingredient that can potentially do the most harm to a person in this pill, this is it. This ingredient alone would be enough to make anyone not want to take it. Of course, Zeal still says:


Thermogenesis is the process in which the body raises its temperature, or energy output. By increasing the thermogenesis within the body, the metabolism is raised and fat cells are then utilized as energy to support this metabolic increase.

Advantra Z® – the ONLY PATENTED THERMOGENIC INGREDIENT for weight loss and sports nutrition. This ingredient is proprietary to Zeal Burn to:

  • Stimulate thermogenesis
  • Reduce weight
  • Increase lean muscle mass to total body mass
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Suppress appetite

Advantra Z® will aid the body in preserving lean muscle while burning fat through increasing your body’s metabolic rate (thermogenesis).

Unlike ephedra-containing products, there have been no ill side effects for blood pressure observed with Advantra Z®, but of course always consult with your doctor if you are prone to high blood pressure.

Lies! All of them! Especially the bottom one. First, we need to learn what Advantra Z is don’t we? It goes by tons of names:

Bitter orange, Citrus Aurantium, Zhi-Shi, Methyl Synephrine, N-Methyltyramine, Naranja Amarga, Neroli Oil, Norsynephrine, Octopamine, Octopamine HCl, Orange Amère, Orange de Séville, Orange Peel Extract, Orange Verte, Seville Orange, Shangzhou Zhiqiao, Sour Orange, and Synepherine. Oh, don’t worry, there are more.

Key thing to remember here is that it is a branded ingredient. There is nothing different about it other than the brand. It is like comparing Green Giant broccoli with broccoli grown in the field next door to it. Same broccoli, different name and price. Well, I guess we ought to find out what the good folks at think about their own product:

Unlike ephedra which causes the heart to race and increases blood pressure, Advantra Z does not cause these negative side effects. Instead, Advantra Z mimics ephedra’s weight loss inducing qualities without producing these dangerous side effects.

Here’s why: ephedra and Advantra Z both increase fat-burning metabolism by stimulating beta receptors found on fat cells. The difference between ephedra and Advantra Z is which beta receptors these ingredients act on.

Ephedra stimulates B1, B2 and B3 receptors. But, stimulating B1 and B2 receptors increases heart rate and blood pressure, the side effects which caused the FDA to ban ephedra.

Only the B3 receptor promotes fat cell breakdown, the desired effect of both ephedra and Advantra Z. By activating only the B3 receptor, Advantra Z increases thermogenesis without causing the same side effects ephedra causes.

B.S. You can go to that page and note all of the nutratech funded studies that say it is ok. Remember the big red flag for telling if a study was phony or not? Say it all together kids. WHEN IT IS FUNDED BY A SUPPLEMENT COMPANY.

I once did a poll on who ate at burgers at least once a week. I only surveyed morbidly obese people in the parking lot of a burger place and then I followed up with them the next week to see how many died. I came to the conclusion that 99% of people eat burgers at least once a week and are unlikely to die from eating one burger a week. There you have it, burgers are healthy and should be eaten at least once a week to assure your survival to the next week, as survival rate was 100%. /sarcasm

                They were right about one thing, synepherine has nearly the same chemical make up as ephedra. (Photos care of Wikipedia)






See, pretty dang close. The thing that really sticks out to me is the hydroxide chillin’ at the other end of the benzene ring with the synephrine. But wait, there is more. Halostachine:



This fun little buddy who comes from the halostachy plant (Arabic in origin) also raises blood pressure. Looks similar to the other two huh? Maybe we can make halostachine the next miracle ingredient in Zeal! Surely it is the next magical weight loss supplement! I am not saying chemicals that resemble this will raise your blood pressure or are good for losing weight. Just drawing a lay-chemist comparison, draw your own conclusion. I am depending on clinical studies to see whether things work or what they do. Once good hard evidence walks in the door, speculation gets to take a seat.

Furthermore, let us ask this 27 year old girl who had a nice case of ventricular fibrillation what she thinks of it now.

Even the Canadians don’t like it either.

Another atrocity is those crazies that are doing the Zeal “wellness plan” (sorry, I chuckled a little when I wrote “wellness plan”) are taking it three times a day. In a normal, healthy adult, one dose spiked their blood pressure for 5 hours! Imagine taking it every meal and having it built up in your body. Plus since the blend is “proprietary,” you don’t really know what dosage you are getting.

What is worse, is here is a 55 year old woman who admittedly had a history of smoking, but was taking a multicomponent supplement. You know, mixed up with caffeine? Nice arterial lesion. Poor woman, someone probably told her the stuff was safe.

Here is a 52 year old woman with the same issues.

In this one, we have an otherwise healthy 38 year old male who was only on it for a week. Symptoms showed when he increased his dosage to twice a day (instead of once).

27 not young enough for you, how about a healthy 22 year old female with some good old fashioned exercise induced syncope.

Or maybe a 22 year old African American male? Yes, this one had a G6PD deficiency.

Are things becoming a little more clear? Yes, this stuff sucks. It isn’t safe, especially when mixed with other ingredients in zeal. I have said it before and I will say it again. This stuff can interact with other things in the zeal system and wreak havoc. Stimulants, such as caffeine, which is found everywhere in the system intensifies the effects, and increases the risk of a cardiovascular event. One I haven’t mentioned before is the ginseng. Panang Ginseng (also in the zeal system) seems to increase the QT time on an ECG, and so does bitter orange, and this effect seems to compound each other. Interestingly, administering Advantra Z alone in a potentially supplement company sponsored study did not raise blood pressure, but when you mixed bitter orange with caffeine and other things (like in this “system”), it did. Bitter orange also interacts with a plethora of other drugs.

So, some people would still take the stuff if it works, potential side effects be damned. Here is the thing to remember. Write it down, chisel it in stone, whatever. It hasn’t been proven, and results are leaning toward it not working. One study did show it helped along with CALORIE RESTRICTION AND EXERCISE, and another study showed that it didn’t work at all. At least ephedrine worked somewhat. It did have the same negative side effects. Actually, in clinical trials, it gave a 0.9kg/month weight loss. That is a half pound a week. It just had the negative side effects, which are the same as the bitter orange. So, it did work, it was just not very good stuff. In case you haven’t caught my drift, bitter orange is like ephedra but less effective. Same negative side effects, no weight loss. This stuff alone puts the Zeal Burn on the top of the dung pile attracting the most flies.

I just want to add, I am not saying this is going to give everyone some cardiovascular event, but it could, and it has in otherwise healthy people in their 20’s. Some people can take it and have no problems. I have seen it. But then they could stroke out the next day. What if it happens when you are on a solo trail run? Those cardiovascular events are something that is tough to recover from, and could cause permanent damage. I wouldn’t risk it for the at best claimed mediocre results of Advantra Z. Something to think about before popping the burn pill 3 times a day.

Now, I am full. My appetite is satisfied, for now. I hope you will reconsider if you are taking ANY dietary supplement containing this stuff. Avoid at all costs, the risks far outweigh the benefits, and just because someone says it is good/safe, or it helped them lose a ton of weight, don’t buy into it. Think about it, if someone started taking a diet pill, they are trying to initiate a lifestyle change. They probably started exercising more, and started eating healthier (or replacing 2 meals a day with a 300 kcal shake). Just some food for thought to leave you with. Alright folks, I am going to sign off. As always, references below. Have a good one!

The absolute guide to caffeine, zeal style.

Oh yes, another post on caffeine. In spite of the fact I love the stuff, it isn’t bad for you in certain quantities, it can actually be a performance booster, and it comes in some foods/beverages I dearly love (IE: Coffee, Tea, Chocolate) some zeal reps still insist that it doesn’t have caffeine. Why? I don’t know. Not only do I want to reiterate the fact that most zeal formulas DO INFACT CONTAIN CAFFIENE (including the guarana free version), I want everyone to learn a little more about our stimulating little friend.

First, you are probably asking: Johnny, where do you find it?

I’ll tell you where! They add caffeine to many things. You may be surprised which soft drinks actually contain caffeine. They usually add anhydrous caffeine to these boogers. It is chemically derived from plants. How? Look at Wikipedia. You probably don’t care anyways. You may be able to spot it in some of your rootbeer, cream sodas, and even orange drinks. Not to mention the obvious monster/cola/yellow citrus drink types. It also comes in those caffeine pills, and even migraine medicine. Now they even add it to food. Ever see some perky jerky on the shelf? It takes 2 things that are awesome, caffeine and jerky, and combines them! They are even adding it to gum. I even saw some guy pitching caffeine waffles on the Shark Tank at one point. Possibilities are endless when you can douse everything with it.

As we all know, zeal doesn’t list caffeine on their ingredient list. Why? Because they don’t really have to. It is up to you to know what has caffeine. No one picks up a coffee and automatically assumes it doesn’t have caffeine because it doesn’t say it does. The same for a glass or bottle of tea. You don’t know what concentration it is in, and the only reason you probably knew there was caffeine in it, is because someone told you. The things above are what we like to call naturally occurring caffeine.

Naturally occurring caffeine happens. It is in over 60 plants in the world. People use the stuff everywhere, usually for a pick-me-up. Furthermore, if a product is regulated as a dietary supplement, there is no requirement to post a caffeine content.  Think monster/ red bull They are regulated as a dietary supplement, and so is zeal. What do both of them have in common? Naturally occurring caffeine.

So now, where do you find naturally occurring caffeine? Lucky for you I am such a great guy, I have compiled a list off common places you find it.

Guaraná (Paullinia cupana): also known as Brazilian cocoa. Guaraná seeds have the highest caffeine content (2.5%-5%) of any known plant.

Yerba maté (Ilex paraguariensis), AKA mate. Also South American. The leaves and branches are prepared as a tea, which contains about 70 mg/100 mL of caffeine (compared with coffee at 57 mg/100 mL). I have seen smaller numbers. Chronic ingestion of yerba maté has been associated with esophageal and other cancers. (Already covered in the review of the wellness drink).

Cola nut (Cola acuminata): cultivated in Africa and Central and South America. The nut is prepared as an extract containing about 1.5%-2.5% caffeine for flavoring foods and cola beverages.

Cacao (Theobroma cacao), also known as cocoa and chocolate, contains various smaller amounts of caffeine. For example, a 1.55-oz Hershey’s® milk chocolate bar contains about 9 mg of caffeine per serving.Not that much.

Tea (all types, too many to name): They all contain caffeine. It varies wildly. Somewhere below coffee normally. Green tea is packed with antioxidants. J


For more info on caffeine content, check out the Mayo Clinic.


So, how much caffeine is too much? That depends on tons of things. Some people are hypersensitive to it, some people are pretty darn tolerant of the stuff. The FDA suggests no more than 300mg/day, although most continuously exceed that dosage. I have read that caffeine toxicity can occur at 8-14g (yes, that is 8,000-14,000mg) or 150-200mg per kg body mass. You would have to bomb a ton of coffees or redbulls to hit that, or take 3 bottles of caffeine pills. Ill effects can come before that in the form of dependence, tolerance, tacharrhythmias, and sleep disturbances.


I alluded to it earlier, but what is caffeine good for? Tons of things, actually. It works great for headaches, especially when combined with other pain relievers. All types of headaches: regular, migraine, and postoperative. Let us not forget our old friend mental alertness and performance, which is why most of us use it. It seems to increase alertness and performance after sleep deprivation. Combined with taurine it seems to provide a small improvement in mental performance, and combined with glucose, seems to outperform both caffeine and glucose alone in the mental performance department. Want some coffee with that sugar?

Everyone knew all of that, right? I bet you didn’t know it was good for endurance training. Clinical research shows that taking caffeine 2-10 mg/kg seems to increase physical endurance and might increase the time to exhaustion during physical exertion for some activities. One clinical study also showed that taking caffeine 6 mg/kg one hour before exercise significantly decreases subjective feelings of exertion during 90 minutes of exercise. Coffee and tea consumption has been linked to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, helps with hypotension (who would have thought?), decreased risk of parkinsons, reduced risk of gallbladder disease, weight loss, and improve airway function in people with asthma. Zeal fixed my asthma anyone?  

Interesting side fact: Caffeine is FDA approved as a food, drug, and a supplement.

Funny thing is, caffeine does most of the things that zeal reps say zeal does. It is a cool little thing in certain doses, you find it everywhere, and 40-50% of zeal reps won’t even admit to it having it in spite of its good points. The only thing that doesn’t have it is the protein drink. Zeal has caffeine. Deal with it. Embrace it. Love it. It is ok that it has it. Heck, it is probably one of the best things working for it, and most effective thing in it. You know, besides those ground up multivitamins that are magically only able to be processed when they are in Zeal, lol @ you reps again. I remember stating before that you would be better off taking a multivitamin and a cup of green tea or coffee. Looks like I was right. The dishonesty and ignorance of those folks floors me. Actually, take a look at this ridiculous and absolutely false little piece of media I have seen floating around the zeal facebook pages (I am lurking in your bushes… lol).

Anyways folks, I hope you enjoyed my half-caff write up. Cliffnotes: coffee and tea are yummy and healthy in moderation as long as you don’t make them unhealthy by adding sugar and processed fat nastiness. Use half and half or milk if you need some color in your coffee. I have references below. I think I got them all, if I missed one and you want it, I will gladly post it up.



Zeal absurdity I say!

Sorry folks, been off the radar for a bit. Anyways, I decided to drop in and answer/reply to a few comments that I thought needed attention.


Here Y’all go! I am not signed up for Zeal, Just doing some research. I have read most of your post and it could be just that, another diet system just like the others with some good some bad ( more bad from your view). I couldnt help to notice that in your response to a post your top two have to deal with the amount of “Hits” on your site. Everyone knows that creating controversy is the next best thing to using sex to advertise or getting attention. I am not saying your claims are wrong, I will continue to research more than just one site, However, it is interesting your most excited about the hits on your site than anything else.

Jared, I am excited, for both selfish and selfless reasons. I have really enjoyed putting this little site together when time permits. I have gotten to learn a little bit about people in the process. So, why did I post my numbers even though I was worried that someone would misconstrue it?

Selfish reason: Everyone wants to be heard from their internet soapbox. That same reason people are friends with 5,000 random strangers on facebook I suppose. People are actually listening, so I take some pleasure in that. Admittedly, I did crack a little grin when I logged on and saw my numbers.

Unselfish reason: I wanted to throw a red flag. Yep, this stuff really isn’t that great. The reps are so dishonest they instantly quell any questions that allude to the fact that it isn’t the magical cure all they are selling it as, I thought people needed to know. You have seen all of the issues I have with certain demographics taking this, but they continue to ram it down their throat. Unless you are a medic or really good at finding legit medical info on the internet, then you probably aren’t going to be able to see past their smoke and mirrors. The number is the only tangible way of seeing how many people it may have helped. Of course, half of them appear to be irate zeal reps on a mission to smear my good name, but you know…


I have been doing ZEAL for over a year now. The product has saved my life. All the medication I was on did nothing to change my health. ZEAL did!!! I have been in 5 different MLM companies and not any one of those companies did I make any money. You have to carry inventory in many of those companies to level up and can lose your level when you do not perform. With ZEAL you do not have to carry inventory and you keep your level. You can earn income 4 different ways. Zurvita is the parent company which means THE RISEN LIFE. . Also… Your reference to a pyramid scheme is ignorance on your behave. How about you contact me so that I can share samples of this product with you and share the business opportunity. Before you go and post you should join, work your business and take the product then…. you can post the truth. In 10 months got great results with the product, made National Director, able to quit my full-time job work my part-time job, drive a FREE Cadillac and make more money in my part-time job then ever in my life. Knowledge is power…

Wow, you really showed me. All of my scientifically backed information must be wrong… Any halfway intelligent person would think that this individual is driven by money, but obviously, he just does it for the love.


So what do you say to the many doctors and scientists that developed this product and approve it for kids AND pregnant women. Do you have any statistical data taken from people who actually use Zeal to back up your claims? How about me and my family volunteer to let you come and monitor us for 90 days and see if you can prove any one of your claims. If you truly are a “dietician”, then you know that statistical data is the single most important factor needed in backing up medical claims. Zeal has this statistical data and readily makes it available to anyone. You just have a blog full of unfounded opinions and scare tactics. So here’s my offer to you: Come live with us for 90 days and then go to your blog and actually report facts. I’ll provide you with a warm bed, 3 square meals and snacks, and pay for all your entertainment. Deal?

Did you not read the entire section devoted entirely to pregnant and breast feeding mothers? Did you not see that the same herbs in the wellness drink are used for herbal abortions? Send me 90 days of zeal. I’ll use it and report back. I have tried it just didn’t do anything. I just don’t see how it will compliment my already healthy, calorically adequate, nutrient dense diet.


This comment really shows how ignorant you really are. First of all,I am not in the program myself but I am researching the opportunity and its products. I got a couple of samples from Colton Brinkley who has a degree in internet marketing. He is one of those at the top of Zurvita and he works with you personally to help you succeed. The reason that I call your comments ignorant is that you mentioned caffeine as one of the ingredients. You don’t even have a clue as to what is in it. There is no caffeine in the product what so ever so the rest of your argument holds no water.

Thanks for the insult, David. Good for Colton (I care why?). Actually, it does have caffeine, champ. There is no way around it. Incase my other posts on the subject didn’t sink it in, this is the best I can do for you without making you a picture book, so here goes: Green Tea = caffeine Yerba mate = caffeine Guarana = caffeine Just like….. Coffee = caffeine Cocoa = caffeine Black tea = caffeine I know what is in it. I posted all of the ingredients and their effects. What I don’t have a clue about, and you don’t, or anyone else on this planet is their proprietary blend. It could have low levels of caffeine containing things, or high. Concentrated amounts of hepatoxins, teratogens, and abortifacients, or low. Beats me man. Thanks for proving that most of the sales reps are absolute goons that have no idea about the product they are selling. I am ignorant. Yep.


Hello. My husband is in Stage 4 kidney/bladder cancer. His cousin contacted me about trying to get him on Zeal. Can you please respond to the affects this may have on his condition? I personally do believe it is nothing more than a frighteningly dangerous pyramid scam, however I would like to answer the cousin with factual information. Thank you.

Kelly, I hope your husband is doing well (better). Sorry I didn’t catch this until now, I was out of the country. First off, I don’t believe your cousin has the stones (or is that mislead) to suggest this garbage for that. This is why these folks truly infuriate me. Taking advantage of someone in a crappy situation. There are a couple of things that are iffy for the kidneys with that (ashwaghanda and moringa). Furthermore, do you know where the body processes out extra things like vitamins and minerals? The kidneys. I don’t think I would tax it more by dumping random crap in for it to filter out unless I had to. That is just what I hear doctors tell people with kidney issues. I am not a doctor. Truth is, do you think it will work? If this stuff would help stage four kidney cancer, zurvita would be charging $500-1000 a tub and selling it to pharmacies. Oh, and nothing in it is proven to help your kidneys. So it won’t help, it may hurt, and it costs some money. I don’t see an upside.


Have you considered publishing other reviews of the plethora of supplements that are out there (all sold as pyramid schemes)? It seems everyone I know is now selling one!


Paul, I am working on it. I am pretty tight on time these days, I actually have another blog I was going to do that on, but all it has is an article about why real men eat salad. Maybe one day. I was torn between doing it on individual supplements. IE: single out advantra z fatburner one time, then go over l-arganine the next. Or target one supplement as a whole. Ideas?


I’ve been takin it for about 3 months and hey my doctor said it shows from how healthy I am now then I was.. check it out here email me if u need help

Sure thing there scooter. I’ll do that as soon as you link to my page and tell them that they have to read it before they can purchase from you.

Zeal for Diabetes, The zeal Cadillac, and some funny comments.

Hey folks. Long time no see. Sorry about that. I am not going to waste a lot of time with the small talk this time, I just figured I would reply to my posts. First up, Rihana. She writes:

I thought this was extremely educational… it was definitely a long read however… you showed all kinds of resources and I really appreciate it… I have been on the edge of trying this product. .. I started researching it due to the fact that I have only heard great reviews from people who would “have and agenda” they arr selling it trying to get that car you are talking about or the “40, 000 dollar paycheck a month!!! I have taken 2 samples of it… I felt nothing other than I drank it late in the evening and I couldnt sleep all night… after I asked if there was any caffeine because I have been off caffeine for over a year and was assured there was absolutely none… after I drank it they said well… There is a very small amount you could only tell if you are sensative to it… yeah I was quite sensative!! I saw on a couple things it was unhealthy for pregnant women but at thesr meetings people were giving thise product to young children! ? If this product is unsafe for children why and how is it legal for this company to lead people to believe that it is great for all ages to include young children!? My husband has type 1 diabetes they talk abput how it was “curing” people… unless my husbands indocrinoligist uneducated there is no “cure” for type 1 diabetes right? I mean if your pancreas doesn’t work it can’t be “jump started”… I am sorry to ask so many questions but extremely curious! ! Thank you for taking the time to read this and to write about this!!

Rihana, I have been talking about and footstomping this entire time about the fact that WE DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH OF WHAT IS IN THIS STUFF. That is why we should be worried, right? I have brought up the caffeine thing before with these folks and the best argument I have ever gotten is guarana is absorbed slower than the other forms of caffeine. Of course, as covered in a previous post, that is about 50/50 on the studies. Some show one way, and some show the other way. Neither of which is terribly recent. So there is caffeine, we just don’t know how much. Although some less than knowledgeable or less than honest reps would have you believe otherwise. Heck, even the corporate site says it is a “caffeine like substance” unless they have changed it recently. If that is the case, we can go ahead and say that coffee, tea, and chocolate also contain “caffeine like substances.” We all know it has caffeine, just like green tea, yerba mate, and guarana. This infuriates me, but hey, kudos to you for being caffeine free for so long. That is more than I can say. I love me some good coffee and green tea!

The diabetes part? Well they have been spewing that nonsense forever. You are absolutely correct that there is no cure for type 1, or insulin dependent type 2. If your pancreas doesn’t produce insulin, it doesn’t produce insulin. Period. However, the amount of insulin required varies with the amount of sugars taken in. Basically, every sugar you intake is eventually converted into glucose. Glucose is toxic unless your body is using it, right? Well, the way I have stated before that it masks the symptoms of diabetes, is that if you follow the zeal for life challenge, it is fairly low carb. Boom, you don’t need as much insulin. Of course, if one were to return to normal eating, which for most contains a fair bit of carbs, you magically regress. So no, it won’t work for diabetes. Another interesting thing is that it does contain milk thistle. I was actually involved in a study with some insulin dependent type 2 folks and it seemed to help. So, if you feel that may be viable to try, have your husband discuss it with his health care provider. So yes, you are right, it is all about the Benjamins I am afraid. The calorie, carb, and sodium restriction that this places you on can mask a myriad of health problems. But that doesn’t mean you are healthy!


Next up, Richelle:

Richelle Walter

I loved your blog about Zeal. My niece and brother-in-law are selling it, and spew the same things about how it gives you energy, x amount of people use it and love it. My recent favorite is that my brother-in-law claims the company is going to give him a BMW, Cadillac or Mercedes. He has been selling this crap for only 3 months and they are going to give him a car?? My girlfriend works for Mary Kay, and it took her about 3 or 4 years to get her first car from them. And cadillac-forget it. She is still trying to earn hers after 17 years.
Anyway, I tried Zeal for 30 days, and didn’t understand why I was having stomach issues. If I asked my brother-in-law about side effects, he told me Zeal has none. Yet my stomach kept feeling really ill. Now that I have not been on Zeal for a few months, my stomach feels fine.
This product scares me because the reps keep telling you how good it is, how much energy you will have, but do not believe that it is doing anything bad to your system.
Thank you for researching this-and letting us know what Zeal really does!
Richelle Walter


First of, Richelle, Thank you for writing and being honest and up front with your experiences. I have seen people selling the stuff sick-as-a-dog and can’t put two and two together. I can definitely see why it made your stomach upset. If you read my individual reviews you can see the multitude of ingredients that can cause different reactions in your GI tract. That caddy sure is enticing though. Some folks would run over their own mom for a new car. Unfortunately, this whole thing is driven by materialism, and it is the people on the bottom of the pyramid… uhh… tower… uhh…. network, yeah network (you cant call this a pyramid scheme, the zealots will hunt you down) who end up getting hosed. They actually pay to lease a car for you if you rip off enough people, I mean sell enough of their product and make them a certain amount of money. But, lots of enthusiasm and confidence can go a long way toward selling something, and making people skip the research. People use their personal connections to sell this stuff too, so the members feel obligated to support their freind/family member/neighbor. Unfortunate, but that is how the cookie crumbles. 

Next up, Jinny:


I’ve been take the Zeal for 2 weeks and my life changes. The tiredness in the morning was gone. I feel so fresh and focus. My active level is up and I become more positive so yhat I can make decisions better for my health. I know Zeal is just supplement not a medicine or cure for diseases. Hoeever, I saw many of people drink Spark in my area or monster drink, 5 hour energy drink , sodas, all kinds of fake boost energy stuffs and eating junk foid. If Zeal is that much dangerous, don’t you think Coca Cola or cigarette is worse than that? I will take Zeal rather than all the fake & junk food. Not all home remedies or natural herbals were not proofed but we still believe those and use because they work!


Lolwut? Really, I don’t know how to respond to this. Actually, the only reason I left this post was because I am trying to be honest and up front by allowing all posts (unlike the zeal blogs do, am I right?). Three reasons you aren’t tired in the morning? 

1. You drink it in the morning and it has caffeine.

2. You had some vitamin deficiency and it is a multivitamin (with other nasties added) drink and it fixed some nutrient deficiency because you ate horribly.

3. Placebo effect.

Then the caffeine gives you energy, that mixed with the placebo effect you go do more stuff. Exercise gives you actual energy, however. 

I read a quote on a forum and it said “It is ashame that people’s habits were so bad in the first place that this stuff actually made a difference.” I liked that quote, because it is true. I find your straw man argument interesting that zeal is better for you than junk food, coke, and cigs. Well, yeah, it probably is. Everyone loves vascular inflammation and high triglycerides from smoking, empty calories, and preservative laden free radical parties. Who doesn’t. While it may be marginally better, what it isn’t better than is a good diet. Eat fresh, eat healthy, eat clean. The KISS method really does apply to food. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it! While zeal is better than terrible food, or getting shot in the head, you have learned nothing, andstill don’t get everything you need from it. Really, you just sound like the person that the previous two posters warned about. 

Cliffnotes: Getting shot in the head/ diet of twinkes, coke, and cigs< Zeal for life < normal supplements plus a semi health diet < eating a health diet. You can hang your hat on that folks. I said zeal for life was better than something! 

Ash: I really don’t know the prices. I think it is round about $300/mo for the complete challenge because it is the “package deal” and more for the items a la carte. Google would know, and I am too lazy at the moment. 

Alright everyone, I am out! I think I got to everyone and now I have some coke, cigs, and a twinkie/beefstick sandwich to devour, because that is how everyone not on zeal eats! Have a good day!


I cant spell, I delete peoples comments, Zeal is wonderful ’cause testimonies say so,

Gosh, I haven’t logged on in a while, and I have a ton of love(hate) comments from zeal reps. First, I have to throw out some self indulgent interesting facts before responding to the redundant accusations and ribbings of those folks.

1. I hit 15,000 views, thanks folks! Also, I appreciate the genuine messages of appreciation I have gotten.

2. The day with the most views? Halloween. Mwuhahahahaha. Odd, as that is my least favorite holiday (if you can call it a holiday, more like helliday, lol).

3. Zeal burn and heart palpatations seems to be making a rise to the top of my google webmaster search list. Go read the burn synopsis if you want to know why.


Now, do address the commentators. Now if you recall in some of my initial posts, I said that these folks were only using testimonials and marketing jargon, and were not willing to use scientific studies to back their claims. So this one, goes out to Nolan for proving me right. Actually, that is near the only refutations I have received to show that I am “wrong.”


Nolan says:

35,000 satisfied consultants and many thousand more customers would seriously disagree with your statements here. Oh yeah and then there is the 3 board certified doctors and a world renowned personal trainer who have attached their name to the product and company.

Just what I said. 35,000 people trying to sell the stuff, and paid spokespeople say it is great! I have read the studies that zurvita linked to, and mostly they were great studies. in particular about certain micronutrients and antioxidants, and not about the individual ingredients of zeal. I could be a little bit fuzzy, but that is what I remember. There have been doctors that said ephedra is safe too. Look where that is at. I still hold that the best way to get your micronutrients and antioxidants is with a nutrient dense diet which is loaded with fruits and vegetables. You can throw in some dark chocolate, green tea and red wine too. Enjoy it for crying out loud.

However, what Nolan did call me on, is the other supplement and diet blog I am working on, and it’s lack of content. Actually, it lacks SO much that I haven’t linked to it yet. Also, McDonalds? Run as far as you can from this free radical inducing corn laden cesspool. There is already a crusade against McD that is right on the money, so why mess with a good thing? That is perhaps one good thing I can say about zeal, not alot of corn/grains are involved, for which I am in favor of.



Nice regurgitation of “Z” facts. I think that will stick. “Z facts” will be the new term I coin for zurvitas info on their product. Point is, I wanted to get past that, and it in no way refutes anything I have typed. I wanted to do an in depth analysis of each ingredient. While I could have gone deeper, I feel like I got the gist of things across.

Let’s talk rice bran. Want to know how it is stabilized? After removing the bran, the bran oil will go rancid if the constituent called lipase is not inactivated. So they then they mix it with NaOH (lye) and water and toss it in a centrifuge to separate the insoluble parts. Sounds delicious. I always say eat food, not food product, but this grain slurry is finding its way into many food products because of it’s apparent nutrient density, which I guess is better than maltodextrin and other rice products. It is worth noting that stabilized rice bran is nothing new, and has been used in the equine market for quite some time.

As for network marketing, I have no qualms with it in general, and I think I have been pretty clear on that, and I have already explained why I don’t like the way zurvita reps do it. You are seeing it first hand. Testimonies and paid doctor advertisements are all we need, right?

Rick says:

Funny how our military practitioner wants to try some of our Zeal. I have tried everything that the big box “Supplement” stores have had to offer and been on Nutrisystem as well for weight loss. Nothing has worked as good as this product. I feel great, have been able to modify my diet, eating smarter, and began working out again. Don’t seem to be experiencing any bathroom issues and with that said I never trust anyone who claims to work for the government. I did for 21 years and know what I am talking about.

Rick doesn’t trust anyone who works for the government, yet he follows someone who works for the government’s advise when he/she recommends zeal.  LOL. It is cool Rick, I don’t trust them either. You have their outrageous macronutrient recommendation which is way too carb heavy (unless you trudge out 6 miles a day, but that is no fun) and the fact that the FDA has been bought out by big agra and big pharm lobbyists. (I could make an entire blog on this one alone) Why should you? I have never used the government to make my point nor stood behind them in any aspect. They of course are neutral to this whole thing, and it isn’t even a blip on their radar, so why would they care? Nutrisystem is disgusting, preservative laden, bordering on inedible stuff. Not to mention I have multitudes of problems with it. At best it teaches portion control, and maybe that is the best, and only good thing about it. My wife did in fact try it. That is how I know it is disgusting. There is enough wiggle room in it, that without proper education, you can gain weight. Plus, I don’t blame you for quitting, it is just terrible. But at the end of the day, no supplement causes you to lose weight, it is about the calories in/calories out, and what type of calories you have. I already stated why zeal can help you lose weight here if it bothers you that much.

C&C Mom:

For one it is not a pyramid scheme. Just like any direct sales, Avon, Mary Kay, Tubberwear etc you CAN make more money with people under you. A pyramid is you only make money by recruiting people. That is not the case with Zeal for Life.

If you have done so much research and are posting about it you would realize you spelled Advocare wrong which makes it look like you didn’t do much research.

What do you think of the Centrum vitamins. The first two ingrediants in those are used in producing concrete. The third is used in lethal injections to stop the heart and the fourth is glorified wood pulp.

Zeal doesn’t say anywhere to stop your medications that is a persons choice they are making on their own. We are not doctors or medical professionals and never claim to be.

I am not sure what has you so up in arms about Zeal. I also can’t find anything about your certification for you to be making the medical claims you are making. If you would like to share them I would love to look at them.

C&C mom makes fun of me for spelling advocare wrong, which was preceded by her spelling tupperware wrong. Obviously, I am a moron. She would be right though. I didn’t research advocare a whole lot. This probably warrants another post, so I will make it quick and toss out the similarities between advocares 24 day challenge, and zeal’s 30 day challenge.

The cleanse, just about a mirror image, really. Senna = laxative, the other “glorified wood pulp” products you were just mocking. Pretty much a mirror image, albeit, with less nasty stuff in it.

I do like that they provide an omega 3 supplement fortified with Vitamin E (speaking of vit. e I am going to go grab some almonds). Zeal doesn’t do that.

Their vitamin drink has relatively the same micronutrient content, but skips the wonky naturals. Their “burn pill” doesn’t seem to have nasty, nasty bitter orange in it (unless that is what citrus flavonoids are, in that case, sneaky sneaky) and their protein shake is roughly the same. All things being equal, I would actually say advocare’s set up is safer and just as effective.


About centrum’s calcium carbonate? Yeah, they put that in cement, and antacids. I believe the street name for it is chalk. We find it in lots of things. It is one of the things that zeal lacks, calcium you know. It is probably what they would use to fortify it if they worried with it. It is actually an all natural substance, which would go hand in hand with everything else in zeal, including the glorified wood pulp. Plus, I like Naturemade, but it still has calcium carbonate. It certainly isn’t the most bioavailable but works, is effective, and an FDA approved treatment for certain ailments. It is worth noting that calcium citrate increases aluminum absorption so the carbonate is a better option. I don’t know the other two that are in concrete, silicone dioxide maybe? That is sand. I would say you would find that in concrete, and some zeal products have it. Interesting as silicone is also important for bone health. Iron is another ingredient the zeal system woefully lacks, it also plays a vital, yet lesser known role in bone health.

This is where I got my cement info. Sorry I am not a cement expert. I find ironic how many things in cement are needed for bone health. It is almost like we were created from dust of the ground.

Zeal for life: Is it safe for nursing, pregnant and children? Guarana debate and some random drivel.



Time for a semi-comical update. I am very happy this blog has taken off like this. It is even at the top of some search results. Anyways, I was hoping to discuss in this post some of the more common search results I have seen, a firsthand case I had with someone who had done the complete 90 day challenge, address some of the accusations that have been tossed my way, further misinformed bad behavior of sales reps, and address guarana further.


First, the accusations that some have thrown my way. People have given me some pretty outrageous ones for sure. The big two that have been handed to me is that I am promoting my own product, and I am worried that this product will lose me business because it is so great!


Promoting my own product/supplement – I am not in any way trying to promote something else. Do I think that some supplements are better than others? Yes. May I suggest them in place of something due to research that will more than likely help you? Yes again. I have absolutely ZERO dollars invested in any supplement company, nor do I receive any money for promotion or dragging some other company through the mud. Just to make it clear, I have absolutely NO affiliation with ANY supplement companies whatsoever.


My job is in danger – No, not at all. Actually, I have seen my “business” grow. I get paid the same no matter whether I see 4 patients a week, or 50 patients a week. It is usually closer to the 50 patients though. If anything, as you will see in the case you will be reading soon, I would expect it to generate clients. The claim that zeal is so great that it would make my job obsolete is absolutely false.


Next up, the search results. Between the wordpress stats and the Google webmaster tool, I have noticed some recurring search results that are quite popular. I will hopefully answer those questions further, and maybe shed some light on them.


Zeal liver damage and zeal hepatoxin – Obviously, it appears that people are having liver issues or concerns about liver issues with zeal. Well yes, it does have a couple of hepatoxic ingredients. Buchu Leaf is one of them, and that is contained in the cleanse pill. Gotu Kola used long term is can also cause liver damage, and this is found in the zeal wellness drink. Noni has also been shown to possibly be hepatoxic. So the zeal wellness drink could cause liver damage and so could the cleanse.


Will zeal make me poop, Zeal for life loose stool, zeal for life laxative – Obviously, I have covered how the cleanse pill is complete trouser trouble and packed full of laxatives. The wellness drink also has a couple things that can cause a bit of loose stool. The zeal burn pill also contains a laxative.


Can I give zeal to my children – No! Don’t do it. I assume you people are searching for info on the wellness drink. The protein shake should be fine and the burn and cleanse are out of the question unsuitable for children. Did you know that even if you give them the guarana free version it still has caffeine, which I guess in its own right isn’t terrible, but it is coming from the yerba mate. The mate is what I have problems with. Yerba has been linked to oral cancer in younger children and fetuses. Red ginseng can have hormonal effects. Furthermore, most of these herbals have not been tested and studied in children at all. I know I wouldn’t risk my child.


Can I take Zeal for Life while nursing / lactating – Nope, not a chance. Remember the yerba thing above? That passes through your breast milk too. Fennel can lead to neurotxicity in the young ones. The cleanse would make your milk laxitivey (yes, I made that word up). Plus add in the potential hepatoxins and add in the fact that most of it, yet again, hasn’t been studied on lactating mothers would make me shy away. This is a crucial time in your child’s development. Would you risk it?


Can I take Zeal for life while pregnant – Absolutely, positively not. I can’t foot stomp this one enough. Actually, I will make a list of the ingredients in Zeal that could cause a miscarriage.


Wellness Drink:


  • ·         Ashwagandha
  • ·         Moringa
  • ·         Tumeric
  • ·         Red ginseng (teratogenic effects, not necessarily an abortifacient)
  • ·         Fennel (neurotoxic, not an abortifacient)
  • ·         Noni




  • ·         Juniper
  • ·         Buchu Leaf
  • ·         Urva-Ursi (also carcinogenic long term)
  • ·         Cornsilk Stylus


Long story short. If you plan on having a child, terminate use of these two zeal products atleast 90 days prior to planned conception. The burn pill is unsafe for anyone, and I think that the protein shake would be fairly safe. (you should still talk to your doctor).




The Case:


So we all know I work for the government. Now you get to find out something else. I am in fact in the military. Obviously, there are weight and abdominal circumference standards which need to be met. Said patient decided to do the zeal 90 day challenge. Of course she wouldn’t come to people with degrees in said subject to lose weight, it cures everything right? You may even remember me commenting that this could cause an iron deficiency. Well, low and behold, it happened. She reported to the doctor feeling extremely tired with severe shin pain. But wait, there is more! In spite of being severely anemic (HGB 8.2), and having a transferritin saturation of 3, and serum ferritin too low to read, she also had a calcidiol of 9. Her alkaline phosphatese was also very low, which is indicative of an eating disorder such as anorexia or laxative abuse. Oh, one more thing, she was also hypokalemic (low potassium). Another symptom of laxative abuse. She got all of that plus a stress fracture. She wasn’t mixing the protein shake with milk, and using water instead to cut calories. It completely wows me that an “advanced” supplement manufacturer would not include calcium and iron, which are the two largest deficiencies in the world, then have your reps tell people to eliminate them (maybe the reps came up with this themselves, beats me) to lower calories. Anyway, we put her on some decent supplements, and she has recovered, and is still losing weight. Needless to say, this is my only hands on experience, and I ended up being dead right about a lot of my suspicions. If I were to base my entire opinion off this one experience I would say “The zeal for life challenge causes iron deficient anemia, the zeal for life challenge causes calcium deficiency, the zeal for life challenge causes malnutrition.” I could be wrong, but I doubt it at this point.


**Disclaimer, no PII was released and no Hippa violations happened**


Bad Behavior:


Not much I haven’t complained about before, but I got banned from a facebook group for suggesting that a woman should not give this to her 16 month old and 4 year old, obviously for the reasons stated above. She also, of course said she wasn’t a nutritionist, but was well studied, so she can give the advice. A.K.A. can copy and paste off the zeal site. These are the types of people selling this stuff. WHY WOULD YOU TRUST THEM!!! Another one claimed that everyone needs supplements, and you couldn’t possibly be smart if you don’t acknowledge that. There was no way you could possibly get antioxidants from foods! They always end with “zeal has helped thousands of people!” They all use that. It must be a canned corporate statement. Asinine drivel as usual from that lot. I only got one to post a study, which leads me to my next one.




There are two ways that the guarana debate usually goes:


  1. A.      “Guarana contains a caffeine like substance which isn’t actually caffeine.” This is an absolute falsehood. It contains theobromine and caffeine just like cocoa, coffee, tea, and yerba. It is widely recognized in the scientific community that guarana has the HIGHEST caffeine content of any plants.




  1. B.      Guarana is caffeine, but it is absorbed more slowly. I have seen studies both ways on this. Both are dated about the same. The verdict is out, however, I feel this one is fairly reliable due to the testing method. I can’t find the counter argument as of now, but it was published about the same time as this one. The studies on this one are scant, and it is difficult to say which is more true. I have not been able to find more recent studies, just reposts of the old ones. Please don’t think that I am posting the only one that would support my argument (I generally have no problems with caffeine as I have said before). The zeal folks are apparently the ones that do, and they are the ones hawking it. I guess if you don’t know something has caffeine, and it gives you a perceived energy boost, you think it is the “magical formulation” working. Plus, we have absolutely no idea how much caffeine is in a serving. On this one, I say take it or leave it, and it is the least of the concerns in the grand scheme of zeal. But one thing is for sure, it most definitely has caffeine.








Overall Rating

So, now hopefully you have hung on to every single word I typed in my nutritive analysis of each supplement, right? Now I want to comment on the entire system, for weight loss, and all of the other malarkey that it is claimed to do.

Overall: I give it a 2/10. As a comprehensive system, it has massive fails in each individual category for what it is designed to do. There are so many supplement interactions with this stuff it is appalling. Moreover, about 90%of the ingredients are not proven at all. The proven safety effects outweigh the unproven gains exponentially. Actually, the only thing that brings the score up is the meal replacement/protein powder, which seems to be the most effective in this slurry of tree leavings. The cleanse and burn are absolute jokes, and the wellness supplement while it can be safe for a male who has no pre-existing conditions, is a fail for about anyone else. Overall, if you don’t take the meal replacement with milk, you are going to end up with a calcium deficiency, and if you are a female and your one “lean and green” meal doesn’t include substantial sources of iron, hello iron deficiency. You ladies struggle with that anyways. Try getting 18-22mg on the zeal challenge… aint happening. The irony (pun intended) is, is that iron and calcium deficiency are the most prominent mineral deficiencies in the world. You would think such an advanced manufacturer of supplements, such as zurvita, would realize this. But of course, they didn’t. It places you at risk for a nutritional deficiency when you are taking this to get everything you need! I would really like to run a TIBC or Calcidiol to evaluate my claims, but I am sure they won’t be published anytime soon.


Marketing: I am afraid I am going to have to go negative on this one. Zurvita is taking an advantage of the convenient idiot, as Lenin would say. Atleast I think it was Lenin who coined that one. Please correct me if I am mistaken. So my rating -3/10. There are people spewing garbage about this stuff non stop. When you challenge them, there are a few different roads it can go down.

1. They delete it, because they know they are wrong, and want to make money.

2. They delete, because they are scared of or not willing to accept the truth and be objective about things.

3. They ignore it, because they aren’t knowledgeable enough or truthful enough to accept what I said, or at least investigate it.

4. They spew off ignorant facts and regurgitate what zurvita told them.

Most people that sell this stuff, and claim to be Christian have Donald Trump and other business person quotes cluttering their facebook instead of Bible verses. Not that I am judging, I fall short all the time and I really do like money. I fell short today probably about 12 different times, and probably 100 more times I don’t even realize. But we have to put the facts into perspective here. At the end of the day, Adam and Eve did not start their day off with a zeal wellness/protein combo, then pop a cleanse, and follow that junk for the rest of the day. I have seen things such as “wow! you have no idea how good you feel when you have everything God intended you to have!” Just to see them complain about how they are starving on this. Actually, there is great examples here. I am redracer1985.


I don’t really chime in til the last couple of pages, but the people will not respond to me. They pick an argument that they think they can win, and overlook mine. Too much reading or learning? Please help us if you learn about what you are selling folks! I bet they are afraid to even click it, because they know what they would find… Not what they want to hear, and no black Merc.


Weight loss: 4/10 It works, but it doesn’t. It isn’t the crap in the burn pill working. I assure you of that. It is a little of the cleanse, and a lot of the meal replacement. It is easy not to top 1600 calories on this set up. Guess what? If you eat 1600 calories a day for a while, you are going to lose weight. They they add in exercise. Well, why wouldn’t it work?


The successful keys to any diet are elimination of refined carbs and activity. Eliminating alcohol is a fantastic way to do things as well. This does all three. Inactivity, refined carbs, and alcohol are the devil if you are trying to lose weight. Guess what, you could do all of this anyways, for free. Especially if you drop a bill on an actual registered dietitian once a month.

I listed some super basic things, but why so low, you ungrateful critic? While I surely am a sourpuss at some points, this falls way short.

1. Sustainability: It isnt very sustainable. I mean, when you get tired of living on these little overpriced shakes, pills, and drinks, what is going to happen? Yep, right off the wagon you go. It isn’t very socially acceptable either. “Hey Johnny, we are going to lunch at some great super healthy vegan joint. Wanna roll?” Naw, I am good, I gots mah zeal. However, let us say you have taken them up on their offer, and now you have a date with Tina McHottie? You might as well break out the coupon book on the first date. You are done like a turkey on thanksgiving. “Waiter, I’ll have a glass of milk to go with my Zeal, and could you give me a minute to flush my masculinity down the toilet as well?” Tina ain’t calling. There are always things that happen, and you just can’t make it work 100% of the time, which leads me to my next one.


2. Education: If you idiot proof things enough, you make idiots. This is exactly what is happening. When your $300/month runs out, do you know how to eat healthy? Nope. All you know is that you need 2 shakes plus spinach chicken salad to pass the day, and now you are out of both? How do you order healthy when you are with Tina McHottie, and you are still trying to keep your 6 pack chiseled? At least you didn’t pay with a coupon this time, but now she is leaving with the situation. If you learn what to do, and how to meet your micronutrient goals, you shouldn’t need a pill in the world. But sometimes, life happens, and that is why there is naturemade.



Other stuff: Obviously this works for diabetes and hypertension. Why? For diabetes, it eliminates alot of carbs, and gives you what you need when you need it. You should know that anyways. Blood pressure. What was your diet like before? Sodium and refined carbs love to run up blood pressure. When you all but eliminate them, it goes down. The truth is, you probably had high blood pressure because you ate like crap, and it was actually your fault, you refined carb and alcohol fiend you. Once you eliminated that, you were magically better.


At the end of the day, this is a very poor to poor system. Loads of caffeine and laxitives keep you chipper and everything rolling. If it cured your grandmas death or whatever, I am happy for you.

Zeal Protein Shake – Shake it for me!

This is it, the grand finale, the one we have all been waiting for. The thing in all of this that actually does what it says it does. It is the protein shake. It is the time tested meal replacement shake. For this one, we are going to evaluate the vanilla, because I am in a pretty vanilla mood right now.  If you look at the ingredients, this one isn’t particularly all natural. At this point with Zeal, I am fine with that and that means it is probably safe. I am only speculating, because I honestly haven’t gone through the protein with a fine toothed comb yet. It doesn’t appear to contain those wonky naturals that can cause problems, so they already have points.  Anyways, the mass market equivalent to this stuff is Slim Fast So basically, by having a meal replacement shake and some fruits/vegetables you are going to keep you full due to the fiber, and give you 300 calories roundabout per meal. So if you eat 300 calories per meal, have a couple of 100 calorie snacks guess what? Even if you eat a 1000 calorie dinner you are going to lose weight. Plus, it is low in sodium and refined carbs. You know what that does? Control blood sugar and reduce blood pressure (this comes through lower triglycerides and sodium reduction). Plus the “diabetes” cure people were probably eating like garbage before it, and since there are no actual studies on this stuff, I can make that assertion. People get type 2 for a reason, right? So let us get right to it. Nutritive analysis of ingredients…… GO!

Whey protein concentrate- We are all familiar with whey protein, we hear the muscle bros talk about it all of the time, right? Gotta get my protein bro. Whey is a byproduct of cheese manufacturing, contains some calcium, sodium, potassium, and other good stuff. Studies also show it to increase lean body mass when consumed after a workout for 6-10 weeks. Who would have thought? You want a 4:1 carb/protein ration after working out. Whey protein is safe and effective, like I wish all things in Zeal were.


Pea protein- Protein which comes from peas. Roughly the same as whey. It is pretty bioavailable as well, with a 90-97% absorption rate. Basically good ole fashioned vegetable protein.  


Fibersol 2 (maltodextrin) – I love when they include “proprietary ingredients” and then make outlandish claims about them. Basically this is the same way the Advantra Z is done. They buy it from someone else and stick it in their supplement. The difference is, this stuff won’t give you heart trouble like the Advantra Z can. Good old soluble fiber helps regulate cholesterol and keep you full. This is not secret. This is what fibersol’s site says. I am not including it in the references, just google it if you are interested.


Fibersol®-2 digestion-resistant maltodextrin is a soluble corn fiber that acts as a low-calorie bulking agent containing 90 percent dietary fiber. It can be used with minimal formulation adjustments in a variety of food applications to maintain or improve a product’s desired attributes.



Crystalline fructose- Fairly Safe up to 12 weeks. It hasn’t been evaluated for longer. It is possibly effective for osteoarthritis. It can modesty reduce the symptoms such as swelling and pain. It may not reduce stiffness or aggregate of the total symptoms. Some patients did not consider the symptom reduction enough to be clinically significant. It is a sweetener.


2-deoxyribose- It is likely safe when used orally or intravenously short term. Hasn’t been evaluated for pregnant or lactating mothers (haven’t you figured out by now if you are pregnant or lactating you should talk to your doctor before putting stuff in your body?) It seems effective for coronary artery disease and myoadenylate deaminase deficiency. There is nothing shockingly wrong with this but long term safety has not been studied.


White Kidney Bean extract- This is already listed and referenced with the burn pill, fibrous and assists with breaking down starches.



Glucommanan- It is an insoluble fiber. It is safe when used orally in food, powdered or capsule form, but not when in tablet form. It seems effective in treating type 2diabetes as it may reduce cholesterol and blood glucose levels. This type of fiber keeps you regular.


Sunflower oil – Oil which comes from sunflower seeds and can combat constipation. This is packed with Omega 6 acids depending on which variation of sunflower oil it is. Excess omega 6 can cause inflamation and CAD.


Maltodextrin- See fibersol, I don’t know why they list different names for the same thing twice. Remember the Cascara?



Polydextrose-  More Fiber, classified as soluble by the FDA.



Magnesium phosphate-  Mg. Atomic number 12. Safe if used orally and appropriately and aslong as you don’t exceed the UL intake of 350mg. It is lower for children under 8. Ever hear of milk of magnesia? That makes you poop. It also works very well for for treating people with low magnesium. It is also likely effective for managing pre eclampsia and eclampsia. Also it is the first therapy used for torasades de pointes. You need magnesium, just not too much.



Cellulose gum-  More Fiber.


Soy lecithin- Is safe and has GRAS status in amounts typically found in foods. It also seems effective to treat hepatic steatosos in medicinal amounts. It is an oily substance used in food and it keeps foods from separating. It is high in omega 6.


Dextrose- Glucose. It is a monosaccharide found in plants. Simple sugar.  



Salt – NaCL, sodium chloride, self-explanatory. Try not to exceed 2000-3000mg per day. Us Americans rarely have a deficiency in this category. It is actually hard to keep it low if you eat out once a day. Too much causes hypertension, too little causes hypernutremia. This is typically used in foods to make them salty. It is also in the ocean.


Sodium caseinate-  Casein Peptide. Casein is a slow burning protein. You find it in milk. It has been used to treat hypertension.



Mono and diglycerides- Used as an emulsifier and commonly made from animal products. They can also be synthetically produced. They are used to make things more shelf stable… a preservative. Contains trans fats.


Vanilla extract- This gives your shake a vanilla flavor. I would assume the chocolate one contains chocolate.



Potassium phosphate- Potassium. K. Atomic number 19. Works fantastic for treating hypokalemia. Potassium helps regulate blood pressure and alleviate cramps while working out. There are far more uses in the body that I don’t feel like going into. The UL is 80-90 mEq per day. You need potassium.



Calcium phosphate- Calcium, Ca, Atomic number 20. Don’t exceed 2500 mg/day. Works well as an antacid, reversing low calcium and low potassium. Calcium is important for bone health, you need calcium.


Stevia- Used as a sweetener in foods and has GRAS status in the US.


Ascorbic acid- Vitamin C has a myriad of functions in your body. See the wellness drink where I talk more about Vitamin C.  



Citrus pectin- Pectin in this case is used as a thickener. It can be mixed with kaolin for an antidiarrheal. (Kaopectate) or used to protect and soothe raw mouth and throat ulcers. Has GRAS status in amounts generally included in food.


Xanthan gum- Used as a thickening and suspending agent. Effective also for constipation.


Potassium citrate- Another form of potassium.


Sodium chloride –Salt, they listed it twice.


Acesulfame potassium- Artifical sweetener. Should leave a nice aftertaste. 😉


Alpha tocopherols- Vitamin E. See the wellness drink for more expounding on Vitamin E.




Whey protein concentrate





crystalline fructose








magnesium phosphate


soy lecithin

Zeal Cleanse: Don’t forget to bring the TP

The “Cleanse.” Also known as the poo-poo pill, trouser trouble, the purge pill, or the porcelain painter. Why is that you may ask? It is loaded with diuretics and laxatives. While most medical professionals would consider diuretic/laxative abuse an eating disorder, Zeal considers it

An optimally performing digestive system is critical to good health. Zeal Cleanse is an herbal and probiotic cleanse that will help detoxify your body and restore your digestive system to a healthy state.”

When I investigated this one, I had that scene from “The Nutty Professor” looping through my head where they were at the dinner table, and were “cleansing their colons” through flatulence. I have read reviews that Zeal makes you have to visit the facilities frequently, and to be honest, I am not surprised in the least bit.

On to the purpose of a cleanse, to rid your body of toxins and such, right? Wait, let us see how Zeal puts it:

The human body contains its own unique detoxification system that eliminates waste. This amazing filtration system helps flush toxins out of your body to keep you healthy. Zeal Cleanse contains natural herbs proven to help cleanse and detoxify your body.

Let us cut to the core here. If your liver, kidneys, and spleen are working correctly, there is no need for a cleanse. Your body does that on its own. This supplement is basically going to cause you to urinate and defecate far more frequently.  One thing I will give them credit for is n-acetyl cysteine which is functional at helping cleanse your body if you are having kidney issues. So, let us get to the nutritive analysis.

Cellulose- Softwood pulp. Basically insoluble fiber. Good for adding fecal mass and combating constipation.


Juniper berry fruit- It is likely safe when used in foods (it has GRAS status), or orally in medicinal amounts short term or topically. Long term, even in healthy individuals it can lead to convulsions or kidney damage. Furthermore, it should not be used by pregnant mothers as it can increase uterine tone and interfere with fertility and implantation therefore acting as an abortifacient. This has not been backed by enough positive evidence for supplemental use in humans, so the verdict is out. In ancient times, it was used topically for joint pain, and orally for a cure for indigestion, flatulence, loss of appetite, UTIs,  GI infections, cancer, diabetes, and an abortifacient. Like I said with some other fruits, it was probably the only medicine the tribe had at the time. Isn’t it interesting how you can take something fairly safe and make it unsafe my concentrating it?


Couchgrass – Wheatgrass. Remember when that nasty green goo was popular? It is best for its concentrated vitamins and minerals. It has also been evaluated for ulcerative colitis. Yet again there is a myriad of things the old timers used it for, all of which hasn’t been evaluated. It seems that diuretic was on the list. It also seems to be most effective when it is fresh pressed, and loses its effectiveness in supplement form.


n-acetyl cysteine – This stuff works on: Acetaminophen and CO poisoning, atelectasis caused by mucus obstruction, bronchopulmonary studies and disorders, cystic fibrosis angina, bronchitis, COPD, end stage renal disease, angina, contrast agent induced nephropathy (renal insufficiency),  epilepsy, and reducing the symptoms of the flu. It is also an FDA approved prescription drug. Wow, something in this that actually works… and if you are healthy you don’t need it. It is kind of like taking Tylenol when you don’t have a headache. (See what I did there).


Milk Thistle- Previously covered so I’ll just copy and paste. Milk thistle seems to be effective for some diabetes treatements and Allergic rhinitis. Milk thistle seems to be tolerated well in adults up to 41 months in clinical studies. Pretty cut and dried, and not a cleanser. I don’t have a problem with this stuff.

Buchu leaf- Has GRAS status for food use and is possibly safe for normal subjects when the leaf is used in proper medicinal amounts. It can lead to hepatoxicity when large amounts are ingested caused by the chemical pulegone, which is a known hepatoxin. Also, the pregnant should not use this because yet again, it can act as an abortifacient. It should also not be taken with NSAIDS as it can cause excess bleeding. Gosh, Zeal must hate babies. How many abortifacients are we up to in the whole zeal challenge now? Terrible.


Uva ursi leaf- That is fun to say, and it sounds like it should be the name of some ancient sea creature, and speaking of the ancients, they used this for UTIs and a laxative. Preliminary research indicates that it is safe short term, but possible unsafe long termdue to its carcinogenic and mutagenic effects. However, use may prevent UTIs in women, but the long term safety is not there. Yet again, it is not safe in those who are pregnant due to oxtocic effects (that means causes uterine contractions and abortion aka abortifacient). We are up to 3 of those so far, maybe cleanse means baby cleanser. Why would you put this stuff in a supplement you sold and told everyone it was safe?


Hydrangea root- Yet again, possibly safe short term, likely unsafe long term. The old timers used it for UTIs and it has not been evaluated for any uses. It can cause hypotension which I guess is fine if you have hypertension, breathing problems, and contains hydrangin, which can convert into cyanide in your body.


cornsilk stylus- GRAS status achieved. Possibly safe in medicinal amounts. Possibly safe as consumed in food by pregnant women, however large amounts can act as a uterine stimulant. Wait, where did we hear of this before? It was used for UTIs kidney stones, and a diuretic for CHF.


Senna leaf extract- Senna is the FDA approved non-prescription drug for constipation! (Remember Senekot?) It can also be used in bowel preparation prior to a colonoscopy. It is likely safe short term, when used for treating constipation. Guess what long term use of laxatives leads to? Malnutrition, laxative dependence, and hepatoxicity. That sounds fantastic.


Cascara – A formerly FDA approved treatment for constipation. It losts its approval due to safety concerns. Aloe was included in that ruling as well. Of course, for short term constipation it is fine, and long term it could lead to electrolyte loss and malnutrition. Not evaluated for the pregnant, but lactating moms may notice some loose stool in their babies as it is passed through the breast milk. If you breast feed don’t use this.




Sagrada bark extract  = Cascara. What is the deal with it being listed twice? Did they double up on this stuff?



Aloe Vera barbadensis- Aloe, I am not writing about this again.



Rhubarb 4:1 extract- GRAS status when the root is used for food. Seems to be effective for cold sores and constipation.



Oat Fiber- Oats are safe when used topically and orally and have GRAS status in the US. The soluble and insoluble fiber in oat bran is great for combatting high cholesterol. Ever see a cheerios commercial? They don’t tend to lie about their products.


Bamboo fiber- I couldn’t find any information about the effectiveness or safety of bamboo. All I can guess is that it is insoluble fiber. See cellulose.



Prune fruit- Used in folk medicine to treat diabetes, however, it is possibly ineffective. Plums are safe to eat.



Carob- AKA locust bean. Has GRAS status when consumed as food. It is still likely safe when used in medicinal amounts. It has been shown in one study to improve the lipid profile in the obese, and aid with fecal fat excretion. Further evaluation is needed. This is also packed with tannins, which inhibit iron absorption. I would be worried about adequate iron intake for females on this challenge anyways, especially if they are very active.


Apple fruit- An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Guess what, apples are safe and delicious. The seeds could be toxic. Why would you rather get your apple from a pill than a real apple? There is one study showing they are good for weight loss. You know what? I kind of want an apple right now.


Tamarind- Guess what the old time healers used this for? Constipation. It can also improve the symptoms of dry eyes. That is kind of cool. It has GRAS status when consumed as a food.

Date fruit- As it says, date fruit. People usually took this orally for cough and respiratory symptoms. They also ate them as food. I have had them in bread as well, and it was quite good. It has not been evaluated for medicinal use or effectiveness.

 Fig fruit- Presumably not off the tree that Jesus cursed or out of the middle of a newton. The fruit is likely safe and the leaves are possibly safe. There is a study for type 1 diabetes on it, but is inconclusive.



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